13 Text Messages You Should NEVER Send to a Hot Girl


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Discover what text messages you should NEVER send to a hot girl, or any girl! Don't make these costly mistakes that nearly EVERY typical guy makes when texting a girl for a date. You don't want to be THAT lame guy because you'll never hear back from her again. Separate yourself from the pack of losers and avoid these awful text messages.

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  • That was the most cringeworthy thing I've ever read. You just sound like a stuckup gal. Would definitely steer from trying to hook up with you..
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13 Text Messages You Should NEVER Send to a Hot Girl

  1. 1. Genevieve Mullins knows her way around the best social circles in major cities across the United States. With more than nine years of experience as a VIP Hostess, Serving and Event Coordinator and Planner, she is a connoisseur in creating phenomenal experiences for her clients. Yet, her expertise far surpasses knowing how to throw a great party. This lady intimately understands what attracts and keeps women interested in men. She’s here to help you decipher the texting code, now an all-important weapon to add to your relationship arsenal. Enjoy, and reap the rewards of her knowledge!
  2. 2. Texting is the New Normal This fleeting, half-committed form of communication has surpassed the phone call within the dating scenario. While this is frustrating, you can use it to your advantage. Subway… by Thomas Luethard @ Flickr.com
  3. 3. Texting: An Art Form Important Considerations • Content • Timing • Tone • Frequency • Delivery Yeah…don’t feel bad for being clueless. But remember, it’s YOUR job to decipher the texting code and translate that into dates. Time is Running by Tetine @ Flickr.com
  4. 4. Texts that Drive Girls Insane I get texts constantly that are: • Hilarious, in a bad way • Ridiculously dumb • Annoying If not for the amusement factor, I’d be highly irritated. Even my top contenders send pathetic texts on occasion, poor guys. Broken iPhone 4 by Peter Werkman @Flickr.com
  5. 5. View the collection of my most cringeworthy exchanges from: • Texts • WhatsApp • Facebook Messenger I screenshot and share these with my friends. Embarrassing, right? I’m thinking about posting them to Instagram… A Delightful Treat! If your legwork is on par, a few texting mistakes are okay. BUT if what you’re about to see is your normal, you’re in trouble. Facebook Beachfront b mkhmarketing @ Flickr.com
  6. 6. The Too-Frequent Guy The phone will not shut-up. If it buzzes more than twice, somebody better be dead. When it’s the same guy over and over again, it pisses me off. Here’s the Deal I don’t need a guy on constant buzz patrol. I don’t want a novel. Less is more.
  7. 7. Red Flag Responses You’re in dangerous “two-frequent” territory if you get the following curt answers. Ditto for no response at all. With these answers, you’re at first place in the text race. “k” “ya” “cool” First is a bad spot to be in.
  8. 8. Too Much Availability Guy Women are attracted to an element of mystery and allure in a man. There’s none of that when you’re constantly available. Fight those urges to rapid text. Discipline is the key to success. Remember, it’s all about the payoff.
  9. 9. Ultra Quick Meet-Up Guy Make Me Like You More First I don’t really remember many great qualities about the guys I’m texting with. It’s YOUR job to seduce me with new game. That way, I can’t forget you.
  10. 10. The Salty Guy If you want to sleep with a girl, no matter how pissed off you are with her, don’t lose your cool. Some guys act like I really care that they’re pissed.
  11. 11. The Late Guy I absolutely LOATHE getting the running late text. You’re not exempt from being late just because you text me seven minutes before you’re supposed to show up. Punctuality is important. My time is valuable.
  12. 12. The Guy Who Doesn’t Understand Emoticons ... or the guy who doesn't have an iPhone to accept Emoji's! Remember: A girl can use as many emoticons as she wants. You can’t.
  13. 13. An Emoticon Loser Avoid gushing over a girl in general, and especially in a text. Overly Cute and Sweet
  14. 14. Set the Tone with Emoji • Texts may be taken the wrong way without a smiley face or a wink. • Be advised: My mood is going to have a bearing on how I interpret your message. • My inner psycho may be released if your text isn’t clear. Make it clear when you’re joking, teasing or flirting.
  15. 15. Drug Addict Warning Guy • Only drug addicts bring up Molly at three in the afternoon. • This message leaves a feeling of being used as arm candy and a prop for handing out blow. • Needless to say, I did not meet up with this guy. Not Attractive
  16. 16. Careful, Careful • Do not try to convince me to be naughty or bad via text like Drug Addict Guy. • Do not make me feel guilty. I’ll be hesitant to go along, and you’ll only succeed in creeping me out. Huge Turn-Off Lorena Sturlese 04 © studio by Vincent Boiteau @ Flickr.com
  17. 17. The Dimwitted Guy • If you don’t understand memes, you’re hereby classified an idiot. • Don’t ask stupid questions. Unless it can’t be answered via Google, please don’t ask. There’s little tolerance for ignorant guys.
  18. 18. The Guy Who Doesn’t Get Jokes This fellow isn’t dumb per se, but he’s clueless. Joker by cursedthing @Flickr.com Boring exchanges cause loss of interest.
  19. 19. The Non-iPhone Guy Girls are iPhone snobs. You should be aware of the following: • It’s annoying to get a text that isn’t Apple’s light blue. • You will be judged if don’t have an iPhone. • Girls wonder what kind of crap phone you have if you don’t have that blue screen. • Green messages are outdated and old-fashioned. • If you don’t use an iPhone, I can’t see you typing, which is irritating. It’s all about convenience. Make it easy for her.
  20. 20. The Late-Night-Only Guy Typically, this guy: • Is attractive • Doesn’t respond in a timely fashion • Gives irrelevant responses • Only talks at night • Messages are full of sexual innuendo It’s all in the timing. Full Moon by gknuckx @ Flickr.com
  21. 21. The Predictably Boring Guy Remember this: Girls like to have fun. Remember, if you’re texting a hot girl, you aren’t the only one. Don’t be like every other guy. Stand out.
  22. 22. Repetition Sucks Miss Natalia 2 © studio.es by Vincent Boiteau @ Flickr.com Skip the small talk!
  23. 23. The Flake After a dynamic beginning, being flaked is a bummer. Keep in mind… • Really liking a guy might make a girl cut him lose quickly so she doesn’t have to get flaked twice. • You only get one flake early on. Make sure it’s worth the consequences. Flake twice, and expect no response to texts. Pumpkin Cruelty by Nomadic Lass @ Flickr.com
  24. 24. I Was Excited, and Then… I was looking forward to this date, and then…he flaked. He won’t be seeing anymore of me. Yes, even I get flaked on, too. ;-)
  25. 25. You’re Welcome Alright guys, Now you know how you should never, ever text a girl. You can get more free dating tips by going to www.InnerConfidence.com/bad-texting Until next time, Genevieve