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Teaching practice


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Teaching practice

  1. 1. Teaching Practice
  2. 2.  Expectation  Reality − Knowlegeable − Flexible − Hard-working − Patient − Tolerant − Communicative Creative ??? − − A BIT crazy
  3. 3. Personal Aims• To get experience• To put theoretical knowledge into practice• To establish good relationship with the students• To establish good relationship with the colleagues• To reduce preparation time without the loss of lesson quality• To learn to feel the time and atmosphere• To reduce TTT
  4. 4. REALITY 7 «A» Form
  6. 6. AcrossOne of the most famous parks in England, earlier it was a hunting place.4. Who named Henry the 8th the head of the Roman Catholic Church?8. The thing that is worn by Queens or Kings.Down2. A wide avenue used for royal processions.3. Public...are very important events of the city life.5. In front of the Albert Hall theres a … to Prince Albert.6. Royal Albert Hall is a large … hall.7. Queen Victoria and Prince Alberts love story is very …9. Under the Queen Elizabeths reign Spanish ...was defeated.10.A seat where monarchs sit during official ceremonies.
  7. 7. QUIZ With what thing are many places in London closely connected? (the Crown) The Palace is the official residence of … Elizabeth II Where avenue is used for royal processions? (The Mall) How many royal parks are there in London? (ten) Is it true that people should buy tickets in order to visit Royal Parks? (No) Is it true that nowadays the Queen reigns and rules the country. (No) This king had 6 wives. (Henry the 8th) When Henry the 8th ruled the country, it became independent of the...( Roman Catholic Church) Who named Henry the the 8th the Head of the Church of England? (Parliament) Is it true that in comparison with nowadays Henry the 8th had all the power in the country? (Yes) Is true that Elizabeth had 9 children and was in love till her death? (No)
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention!!!