What Savvy Brand Marketers Must Know About Mobile


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You'll learn:

- What the latest research tells us about consumer behavior and how they relate to their favorite brands.
The crucial components of a successful mobile campaign
How rich media campaigns can blend realtime A/B testing and personalization for stunning results.
How to go beyond impressions, clicks and engagement to measure – and maximize – your customer's lifetime value.

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What Savvy Brand Marketers Must Know About Mobile

  1. 1. The Largest Independent Mobile Ad NetworkWhat Savvy Brand Marketers Must Know About Mobile January 17, 2013
  2. 2. Mat HarrisDirector of Products, InMobi @matharrismat@inmobi.com
  3. 3. I. Mobile Brand Advertising II. Mobile Rich Media  Advertisers Love Rich MediaAGENDA    Where it Works Common Features Understand the Unique Challenges  Building Creatives – Best Practices  Measuring Engagement III. Personalization I. Q&A
  4. 4. Mobile Brand Advertising
  5. 5. 21% 34% 38% 57% 59%Mobile and TV are the channels with the most impact onpurchase decisions Time Spent on mobile devices in the US has surpassed time spent on TV InMobi 72% of Americans use mobile while watching TV InMobi Dual screening is 1.7 times more effective for brand awareness/ brand recall than TV alone Nielson
  6. 6. Device use patterns reflect their inherent competitiveadvantages During a typical day, at what times do you usually use your device? 60% Smartphone Tablet PC 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 6am - 9am - Noon - 3pm - 5:59 6pm - 9pm - Midnight - 3am - 8:59am 11:59am 2:59pm pm 8:59pm 11:59pm 2:59am 5:59am Source: Mobext & InMobi Connected Device Research
  7. 7. Penetration of Mobile Connected Devices Continues to Increase 25% of 53% 21% Smartphone Smartphone Tablet Owners also Penetration Penetration own a Tablet Source: comScore Mobilens
  8. 8. 67% of mobile data users mostly or only use mobile to access the web Source: InMobi Mobile Media Consumption
  9. 9. Use tablet while59% watching TV Share tablet with45% family members Use tablet for over an35% hour a day
  10. 10. Mobile Rich Media
  11. 11. Today, over 50% of all mobile brand campaign buys include rich mediaAdvertisers love rich media: • Engaging brand experiences • Cutting edge features • Consistently higher CTRs vs. static ads • Detailed analytics, measurement of real engagement objectives
  12. 12. Engaging Brand ExperiencesDOVEHAIR SOLUTIONBrand AwarenessAPAC REGIONAL WINNERBRONZE GLOBAL WINNER2012 Video Play Lead Gen Click to Share Coupon Link to Site Game
  13. 13. Rich media works across Android & iOS
  14. 14. Use advanced smartphone & tablet features
  15. 15. Understand the unique challenges of rich media• Ad server fragmentation – Ad servers each require specific code to render ads, called an “SDK”. Rich media ads must conform to each ad server on which a given campaign will run• Mobile site fragmentation – Mobile sites employ HTML/JS/CSS just like non-mobile sites. But site developers often deploy their own site’s code in a non-standard way – Ads built for one site can often require some tweaking to render properly on another property• Device/OS fragmentation – Thousands of different Android configurations – Dozens of different screen dimensions 15
  16. 16. Ad creative best practices• Keep your value proposition clear – Key message must be delivered to users quickly – Make the call-to-action easy to read & understand• Limit the clutter – Limited real estate within mobile creative. Keep copy clear and concise• Don’t overdo the graphics – Keep graphic size small to ensure quicker load times• Leverage rich-only capabilities – Integrate mobile-specific functionality (i.e. shake, tilt, swipe) – Drive deeper user engagement (focus on the experience) 16
  17. 17. Measuring Engagement
  18. 18. Personalized Advertising
  19. 19. Mobile is unique in its capacity for relevant dynamic personalization GEO-TARGETING DAY-PARTINGCUSTOMIZED SHOPPING
  20. 20. Context and location-based experiences drive ROIMCDONALDSMCCAFE FRAPPÉStore Locator Link to Site Click to Share Weather
  21. 21. Mobile is ideal for personalization• Mobile is the MOST personal PC• POS in your hand• Location-aware• Many data dimensions• Highly relevant, actionable messaging• External variables• Dynamic feeds 21
  22. 22. Q&A