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Mobile marketing strategy guide


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Mobile marketing strategy guide for marketers to succeed in 2017.

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Mobile marketing strategy guide

  2. 2. YOUR MOBILE MARKETING STRATEGY CHECKLIST Identify your Marketing Budget for the Year Choose Measurable Objectives Identify your Target Audience Decide - Reach or Quality Pick a Generalist or Specialist
  3. 3. IDENTIFY YOUR MOBILE MARKETING BUDGET FOR THE YEAR Here are some facts that will help make you in the decision process  60% of the webinar participants spend < 10% of their digital budgets on mobile  25% of the webinar participants spend 10-25% of their digital budgets on mobile  15% of the webinar participants spend > 25% of the webinar participants spend Measure your campaign effectiveness across all digital channels to understand where to invest your resources Focus on your analytics to provide valuable insights into how your existing users interact with your brand Create a competitive analysis framework Research your market thoroughly to identify an optimal budget for mobile
  4. 4. ACTIVATION AWARENESS REGISTRATION MEASURABLE TRANSACTIONS CHOOSE YOUR MEASURABLE OBJECTIVES The marketing objective is not limited to the ones listed above. Identifying an objective is crucial to measuring the success of your campaign
  5. 5. IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Meet Ann. Deal seeker. Fashionista. Lives in New York. Meet Sam. Thrill seeker. Gadget-freak, reader, music-lover. Your target audience is a set of individuals for whom your product was created. Additionally, leverage tools to unearth new audience segments that engage and connect with your brand.
  6. 6. Vs. REAC H QUALITY High price Loyal Users Large scale IDENTIFY YOUR FOCUS : REACH VS. QUALITY Low ROI
  7. 7. IDENTIFY A USP : GENERALIST OR A SPECIALIST Vs.GENERALIST SPECIALIST Offers a complete stack of product offerings Less expensive Offers a niche product offering Flexible in terms of services offered Inflexible in terms of services offered More expensive
  8. 8. THANK YOU! For any questions, contact or For more insights, download InMobi’s 2016Yearbook: