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Mobile applications could be a $38 billion market by 2015

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Mobile Apps and Advertising - ArabNet (ME)

  1. 1. Mobile Apps and Advertising
  2. 2. A leading global mobile advertising network London San Francisco New York Tokyo Bangalore Nairobi Singapore Sydney • 35 Billion Impressions • 200 Million Consumers • Live in 120 countries Reached • 11,000+ Advertisers and Publishers
  3. 3. Simple and effective solutions, operating at scale
  4. 4. Key themes for today1. Mobile applications could be a $38 billion market by 20152. The market dynamics are complex and fast moving3. The Middle East market is part of this change4. Mobile advertising is a driver of the mobile applications market5. Consumer acceptance is growing; advertisers are responding6. App developers focus on innovation
  5. 5. Know your market and build for it
  6. 6. Middle East market is growing fast
  7. 7. Middle East market fundamentals are strong Mobile Advertising Growth: 10x increase in mobile advertising in next 12 months 2015 estimates at $100 million Mobile Web Penetration: 60% of the 350 million people under the age of 25 50% mobile phone penetration, 60% mobile web enabled Smart Phone Growth: More than 2 Million Apps Downloads Weekly on Ovi Globally leading markets for Smartphone adoption; KSA and UAE
  8. 8. Mobile ads are accepted by 61% of consumers Level of Comfort with Mobile Advertising 40% 21% 13% 14% 12% Very comfortable, Somewhat comfortable,No opinion,Somewhat uncomfortable, Not comfortable at all,they serve an important purpose not seeing themabout ads oncan be distracting are intrusive I’m getting used to think much I do they my phone they Base = Total respondents (n=894) Q3. How comfortable are you with mobile advertising?
  9. 9. It’s not all about free apps Willingness to Have Ads on Phone10% Off Phone Bill Free Apps Personalised Ads Yes Maybe No Yes Maybe No Yes Maybe No 22% 29% 21% 42% 50% 53% 28% 26% 29% Base = Control respondents (n=1,511) What if scenarios presented: Q5. With ads on your phone::you get free apps; Without ads: you pay for those apps; Q6. With ads: your phone bill is reduced by 10%; Without ads: you pay the regular price; Q7. All the ads on your phone are personalized to you in a helpful way? For example, you travel to a new city and an ad gives you a coupon to a local restaurant; Are you more willing to have ads on your phone?
  10. 10. Branding is a key opportunity on mobile Benefit of Mobile Advertisements Seen in the Past Introduced you to something new 53% Given you something for free 29% Entertained you 26% Helped you learn more about something 23% Saved you money 19% Saved you time 19% Reminded you of something important 16% Helped you find something nearby 12%Been relevant to who you are or what you are doing 6% Base = Control respondents (n=1,511) Q4. Has a mobile ad ever…? [check all that apply] 10
  11. 11. The device is a mobile and makes calls Mobile Ads Consumers Would Click On 26% 16% 11% 7% 7% Call Purchase Viral Search ContentBase = Test respondents (n=1,511)Q8. If me saw these ads on your phone, which would me click, if any? [check all that me might click] 11
  12. 12. The mobile app landscape Saturation point reached (350k+)? Market dynamics change daily and hourly Highly competitive
  13. 13. The mobile app opportunity • Still huge opportunity for developers • Android ecosystem is still emerging • Top apps are worth millions of dollars Since its release over 100 million copies downloaded – 30 million are Freemium
  14. 14. There are four main ways to make money Paid Downloads Sponsorship Advertising In App Purchase Each has strengths and weaknesses Some models are more appropriate than others
  15. 15. It’s important to think globally
  16. 16. Understand how ad economics work globally eCPMs vary globally but not by a big margin 129 125 101 90 70 Europe North America Asia (Excl. China Middle East Africa and Japan)Index by regionSourced from our Network
  17. 17. Key themes for today1. Mobile applications can easily be a $38 billion market by 20152. Market dynamics are complex, fast moving and understood3. The Middle East market has huge potential4. Advertising is a key driver of the mobile applications market5. Consumer acceptance is very strong; advertisers are responding6. App developers focus on innovation, scale and monetisation
  18. 18. Mobile Apps and