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How many times have you opened a “more games” button in a game only to close it feeling disappointed in the quality of the apps? That’s because app walls and “more games” buttons have always been about one thing, and one thing only -- making money. InMobi AppGalleries puts the user first by equipping publishers with the tools to build curated, rich, experiences for their users AND make money!
With InMobi AppGalleries publishers have complete control over the design and app inventory, allowing users to find apps that are high quality, and not just the apps that are paying the app wall company the highest bid.
We are changing the game on app walls, and want to help publishers make money, while preserving the users’ experience.

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InMobi AppGalleries - Product Walkthrough

  1. 1. Problem: • App & mobile web publishers need better ways to monetize • App advertisers need higher quality user acquisition sources (> LTV) • Users need a better way to discover apps that are relevant to their interests
  2. 2. More Than Just Ads • App Discoverability for Users • Higher quality users for advertisers • Increased eCPMs for publishers • Native / non-tradable unit
  3. 3. Truly Native Ads • Sponsored Apps shown as native ads • Looks like content, higher CTR • Seamless ads experience • InMobi Adformats (JSON)
  4. 4. Admin Dashboard, Revenue Reporting, Analytics
  5. 5. Totally Customizable & Brandable
  6. 6. Choose Number of Sponsored Apps
  7. 7. Create Custom Categories. Auto or Manually Curate.
  8. 8. Tablet & Smartphone Compatible
  9. 9. Korean, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, and Japanese
  10. 10. What to Expect after Signing up 1. Approve your content URL • Content URL is your mobile web or app store address. • Ex:,, • Approval needed before you can monetize. • Approval time: 1 – 3 hrs. (standard ad network procedure) 2. Integrate • Native App: InMobi SDK. • Mobile Web: JavaScript snippet.
  11. 11. Mobile Web Integration • JavaScript (one line) • Typical integration options • Sticky banner – totally customizable (text, positions, and colors) • Link in Nav points to your app gallery • Text Lookup. Redirects all app store links to their own app gallery
  12. 12. App Integration • SDK 370 & 400 • • • Custom: • Point web frame to AppG URL • UIWebView (iOS) • WebView (Android)
  13. 13. Potential Business Opportunity • Historical CTRs of +5% vs 0.5% on traditional mobile banners • Comparable industry products seeing $75 eCPMs • Higher CVRs and LTVUs driven by user intent and native ad formats
  14. 14. Your Turn! Go build one!