Demystifying Mobile Ad Conversion Tracking


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If you can't measure it, you can't improve it and you can't prove your return on investment. Join us for a session highlighting the power of ad tracking within your mobile campaigns. With multiple tracking points in your mobile campaigns you'll be able to:

- Know where users are coming from to capture more precise targeting

- Enable campaign optimization so that you get the most value from your campaigns

- Know the most valuable customer segments to hone in on the right audience

- Track against campaign goals to report progress, conversion and brand lift

In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how InMobi Ad Tracker can solve these problems and help you get the most out of your mobile ad spend.

This session is led by François Deschênes, Product Manager for InMobi.

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  • @miklosgiladbreitner Hi Miklos, drop me the line at, I will explain it to you. Simply speaking, this is related to IP addresses.
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  • It is also a big challenge for me to know how can I make sure that only Hungarians will see my ads in InMobi network.
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  • Hi Miklos, the list of placements should be delivered by by the ad network you are running the campaign with - as InMobi does. But this is separated form AdTracker.
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  • That's correct. The InMobi ad network keeps a clear dividing line between publishers and advertisers and relies on automatic and manual optimization to give advertisers and publishers the best results.
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  • But we still do not know exactly where our ads will appear...It is the minimum that you can provide stats + where my ads will appear (list of websites like in Google).
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Demystifying Mobile Ad Conversion Tracking

  1. 1. Demystifying Mobile Ad Conversion Tracking François Deschênes
  2. 2. ‣  What is conversion tracking? ‣  Mobile tracking technologiesAgenda ‣  ‣  Tracking painpoints InMobi tracking solutions ‣  In practice ‣  Case studies ‣  Best practices ‣  Q&A
  3. 3. How many conversions generated by a campaign?ConversionTracking? To avoid wasting your advertising budgets
  4. 4. But attributes Powerful Not only a conversion optimisation tracks the to the unique across advertising impression multiple channels that dimensions generated itFrom channel optimisation to impression optimisation Advantage of digital tracking
  5. 5. Know where users are coming from Campaign optimisationWhy do you need ad tracking & conversion Know the most valuable attribution? customer segments Track against campaign goals
  6. 6. Mobile Use CaseUser sees an ad & User is taken to User downloads & clicks on it the app store launches the app
  7. 7. How is this Three broaddone on technologies 1.  Device IDsmobile? 2.  Browser Cookies 3.  Device Recognition (Fingerprinting)
  8. 8. Allows You Device IDs (UDID, ANDROID_ID, ODIN1)to Track Oldest form of mobile tracking: UDIDMore Users Pro’s: ‣  High accuracy when availableAccurately ‣  Standardized, allow tracking alignment between different parties Con’s: ‣  Not available on mobile web inventory ‣  Requires upstream integration (with publishers or ad networks) ‣  Fragmentation issues (ODIN1, Open UDID, IDA, etc.)
  9. 9. Provide a Seamless WebExperienceCookies used to be problematic on first mobile devices. Butare now supported on most smartphones.Pro’s: Con’s: ‣ Allows seamless tracking on mobile ‣ Can affect the application user web experience when tracking installs ‣ No integration needed with ‣ Cannot bridge between browsers publishers and/or ad networks ‣ Not the same accuracy on mobile, compared to online
  10. 10. Expands Device RecognitionReach & Cookie replacement: Recognizing devices using anonymous data pointsTracking in the browser. Pro’s:Quality ‣  Better accuracy than cookies ‣  Better coverage than device IDs ‣  Doesn’t affect the user experience ‣  No integration needed with publishers and/or ad networks ‣  Privacy compliance Con’s: ‣  Probabilistic (as opposed to deterministic)
  11. 11. Fragmented market No universal space technologyTracking PainPoints Negatively impacting Accuracy & scale user experience
  12. 12. Our Solution InMobi Ad Trackerfor Conversion ‣  Independent and open ‣  Combines multipleTracking tracking technologies ‣  Multiple event tracking ‣  Real-time mobile tracking & insights ‣  Seamless user experience ‣  Works across mobile web & apps ‣  Easy integration ‣  It’s free!
  13. 13. Track Across Allows you to trackAll Channels post-click conversions of campaigns across multiple ad networks ‣  Real-timedashboard view of all conversions ‣  Ad networks can report and optimise on tracked conversions
  14. 14. Supports Multiple MatchingTechnologies IDA Android OS AdTruth (iOS6) ODIN 1 UDID ID CookieiOS App Y Y Y YAndroid Y Y Y App Web Soon YWP8 App SoonWhat’s New: AdTruth Device Recognition Technology
  15. 15. HowInMobi AdTrackerWorks
  16. 16. D User sees an ad o w Reads multiple parameters from and clicks on it nl o the device and sends to AdTruth a d Processes data and returns “Device Insight ID” to InMobiUser is taken to the ID Stored in database app store Conversion tracked to the correct ad source and sent to InMobi for Optimization Checks ID in database for match Conversion “Device Insight ID” returned to InMobi User downloads and launches app Reads device parameters and sends to AdTruth
  17. 17. Connecting the DotsOpen an account with an Ad Working in Parallel with Network Run a Campaign Ad Networks with an Ad Network Define Goals Enter Tracking URL of any 3rd Ad Network Party Tracking Tool Track Text Optimize Place Tracking Conversions Campaign URL in the ad network Paste the JS Define Goals campaign code (mobile web) orLogin to InMobi integrate the Integration is the same for other Ad Tracker SDK (app) Ad Networks Add your Site/ App
  18. 18. Lead Generation Application Download Tracking Outfit 7 – Cross PromotionCASE STUDIES
  19. 19. CASE STUDY:Lead Generation Campaign generating leads for free SIM cards - TargetObjective cost per sign up $70 with a budget of $10k tion IAT for Mobile Web was used in combination withSolu InMobi’s auto-feedback loop to optimize the campaign CPL dropped from $131 to $24 after the feedback loop was set for an overall CPL of $55.
  20. 20. 1200 4CASE STUDY: 3.5App Download 1000Tracking 3 800 Cost per Download (USD) 2.5Android Game - +4 Stars on Google Play Daily Spend (USD)•  Campaign Daily Budget: $1,000•  Campaign Objective: $1.5/download 600 2•  Running in the US, UK, Canada and Australia 1.5 400Results after 2 weeks: 1•  Campaign spent $10,000•  With an average CPD of $1.4 200 0.5Conclusions:•  Learning period of 4-5 days 0 0•  Target CPD precedes daily spend 9/24/08 9/25/08 9/26/08 9/27/08 9/28/08 9/29/08 9/30/08 10/1/08 10/2/08 10/3/08 10/4/08 10/5/08 10/6/08 10/7/08 10/8/08 10/9/08 Daily Spend CPD
  21. 21. CASE STUDY:Cross Promotion
  22. 22. Fragmented NoWhat to look market space universal technologyfor in atracking Accuracy & Negativelysolution? coverage impacting user experienceAddressing Pain Points
  23. 23. LinkingDigital andReal World
  24. 24. François Deschênes Product ManagerThank InMobi London you. 265 Strand, Floor 6 London, UK WC2R 1BH
  25. 25. Combines multiple tracking Multiple Works across technologies mobile web & event apps tracking EnterpriseIndependent & class product open that is FREE! InMobi Ad Tracker for all your tracking needs