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In Media Oct2009


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Conference inmedia 2009 presentation by Geoff Lealand in Christchurch New Zealand 2009. How to use the pitch for media studies high school students

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In Media Oct2009

  1. 1. In Media conference, Christchurch 1 October 2009 Click to edit Master subtitle style Geoff Lealand Screen and Media Studies University of Waikato 4/10/09
  2. 2. D oing the Perfect Pitch 4/10/09
  3. 3. A Pitch for Television (or Film) Draws together knowledge on: • Industry structures and processes • Funding (budgeting and funding sources) • Genre and formats • Audience and demographics • Scheduling • Writing for television 4/10/09
  4. 4. A Pitch also … • Replicates industry practice • Provides a low-tech production element • Allows for student creativity and collaboration • Develops important presentation skills • Is ideally suited to Level 2 and Level 3 production-oriented Achievement Standards (Media Production and D esign and Concept) 4/10/09
  5. 5. Students in my second year course SMST216 Television: Media, Audience, Narrative do a pitch as a major piece of assessment (as a trio or pairs). The over-riding imperative is that they pitch a programme for an audience other than themselves ie no programmes about 4 students living in a flat! 4/10/09
  6. 6. My Pitch Delivered to The Big Pitch competition, SPADA conference, November 2008 4/10/09
  7. 7. S a turda y N ig ht a t the M ovies Click to edit Master subtitle style Geoff Lealand Screen and Media Studies University of Waikato 4/10/09
  8. 8. But it could play any night of the week! Click to edit Master subtitle style 4/10/09
  9. 9. A g a p in the s c hedule There is not much attention paid to film on New Zealand television, except for the occasional plug or cursory film review. There is certainly nothing to compare with Australia’s very popular 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  10. 10. A t the M ovies 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  11. 11. Saturday Night will fea ture… The kind of content you would expect to find: • Box office news • New releases • New technology • New Zealand (and Australian) films 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  12. 12. B ut there is m uc h tha t is new … Such as: M y Favourite Film - a weekly surprise guest, talking about his/her best-loved film, the first film they ever saw, what going to the cinema means to them. 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  13. 13. g ues ts 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  14. 14. A ls o A regular slot: B e g inner’s G uide to the M ovies : Eg -some basic film terminology -what is the ‘box office’?; -how do films get funded and distributed?; -what does a film producer do? 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  15. 15. a nd im po rta nt ques tio ns like… 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  16. 16. A no ther w eek ly s lo t Film s Yo u O ug ht To K now A bout - featuring the great and the not- so-great films/stars/directors of the past 110 years. 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  17. 17. 4/10/09
  18. 18. V iew s fro m the A udienc e V ox po ps from film-goers E x pert o pinio ns from writers and reviewers When I sit down next to you in a movie theatre, we get to share each other’s point of view. We become part of a collective soul. That’s the magic in the movies. M. Night Shyamalan (2005). 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  19. 19. T he B es t L ittle C inem a in N ew Z ea la nd Our Wo m a n in the D a rk visits cinemas (public and private) around New Zealand and rates the ambience, screening quality and the refreshments. 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  20. 20. I n P ro duc tio n Visits to local film sets and post- production facilities, to see it all being made 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  21. 21. • Competitions (such as The C ell-phone R em a ke) • Stunts (and stunt-men !) • A dedicated website, with blogs) 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  22. 22. T he po tentia l a udienc e 15 to 65 year olds but with a strong skew to 19-35 year olds (the primary film-going age group) But niche audiences (eg The Gloomy Sunday set) will not be neglected!) 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  23. 23. T he likely a udienc e • Films fans…and film festival buffs • Media students (the 10,000+ of them!) • Budding film-makers • Viewers who like info programmes with a local slant • People who want to be entertained but also learn something new along the way • The New Zealand screen industry! 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  24. 24. T he fo rm a t • Half-hour, weekly programme (Wednesday at 10pm would be a good slot!) • Pre-records and live continuity • Clips and interviews • Flashy graphics 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  25. 25. P res enters A engaging male-female pair, who seldom agree on anything (think Siskel and Ebert!) Young, attractive and laconic (think Jaquie Brown!) 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  26. 26. Funding • New Zealand On Air (mucho local content and support of local enterprise!) • Contra deals with distributors (Paramount/Universal, Sony, Hopscotch) • Merchandising (DVD releases, T-shirts, books) 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  27. 27. Fo rm a t s a les ? With a simple substitution of local content… 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  28. 28. fina lly As William Goldman once famously declared “Nobody knows anything [about the movie business]’ but Saturday Night might just make us a little wiser Kia ora 4/10/09 Grainy Productions
  29. 29. The outcomes of my Pitch? • A positive response from the judges and audience (but not the winner!) • Approach from a producer • Tentative agreement from a broadcaster • But nothing much has happened in the past few months…but I enjoyed the experience! 4/10/09