E-strike.com Operating Model, Structure and Implications


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E- strike.com Operating Model, We provide full solutions to the merchant from the development of a business plan, free selling platform to the integration of the Payment gateway. This presentation provides a clear idea of the operating model and Struture and the Implications when signing up with e-strike.com

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E-strike.com Operating Model, Structure and Implications

  1. 1. B2C B2B Ecommerce Solutions Online Retails Mauritius
  2. 2. About E-Strike.com  E-strike.com is an online payment solution reseller  We specialise in the provision of Ecommerce solutions to Mauritian entrepreneurs who wish to extend their services online. Operation May be Existing  Proposal to setup new platform for online selling   Major Mauritian banks partnering for setup merchant account with card provider  Visa and Mastercard approved Merchants
  3. 3. E-strike Ecommerce platform Proposed Business model     B2C - Selling to the general public - (Export Option) B2B - Selling to Wholesalers - distributors B2C - Services- Provision of consulting services C2C- Auctions, sale or permissible goods where individuals can buy and sell proceed to online payment
  4. 4. What is E commerce B2B,B2C,C2C platform     Businesses selling to the general public Operates through catalogues utilizing shopping cart software A concept of online marketing and distributing of products and services over the Internet Typical online e-commerce site has the same offer for all customers - the same prices, the same promotions.
  5. 5. Limitation of trading Ecommerce  The limitations/disadvantages of b2c in eCommerce happens to both of them businesses as well as to consumer  The competition is so vast on the web  If your eCommerce site is not well operated or followed or applied to the updated technology causing you to lose cu  payment plans, getting people to attract to your site and engage with its customers and sales.
  6. 6. E-strike.com payment Solutions  Consumers  Always  probably why the people not choosing to purchase online   concerned about Security issues scams, frauds, and rip-off, people are scared to insert their credit card information on the web. E-strike.com Solution  Offers an easy to use platform  Secured by a 3D Secured platform  Linked directly to Local bank platform  Funds credited to merchant account
  7. 7. E-strike.com Operations  Operating model
  8. 8. E-strike.com Merchant Services   Free integration of payment gateway Operations similar to a POS Machine used in Major shops  Upon confirmation of secured payment from Card Issuer  Amount credited to Merchant account  Credited directly to bank account  Takes up to 4 working days
  9. 9. E commerce trading Indicative charges     5.5% - MUR 5,000 - 20,000 + 1200 Monthly Maintenance Fee 5.0% - MUR 20,000 – 30,000 + 1200 Monthly Maintenance Fee 4.5% - MUR 30,000 – 40,000 + 1200 Monthly Maintenance Fee 4% - Above MUR 40,000
  10. 10. Conditions  Basic conditions for merchant account  Mauritian Registered entity  Business plan illustrating operations of Business  Shareholding structure  Certificate of incorporation, Business Registration Details  Existing business should submit reference from bank
  11. 11. E-Strike Ecommerce basic selling platform  Free* Online store Domain and hosting provided  Merchant can feature wide range of products/ services  Integrated payment system  Fully Functional Shopping cart  Up to 200 products  Options for checkout option  Option for opt in client registering  Option to purchase platform after 2 years  Regular security maintenance checks for smooth operation  *Monthly maintenance fee of MUR 350.
  12. 12. Options   Add to Online retail platform Regular marketing campaign  Online   and Offline ( Banners , Press) SEO and referencing Campaign Dedicated designed website
  13. 13. Fraud Prevention Conditions We do not accept:
  14. 14. Fraud Prevention Conditions  10% chargeback on all transactions   Merchant should have a fully functional customer service handling all complaints of clients   Refundable on 6 months of operations Regular checks will be performed by merchant accounts In case of request for chargeback merchant should provide necessary justification of clear operations from his side  Merchant account will be revoked chargeback being in favour of client upon
  15. 15. CONTACT US E: SCM@INTNET.MU SKYPE ID : INMAURITIUSSERVICES T: +230 (5) 292 24 25/6 M: SCM LTD PO BOX 209, CUREPIPE, MAURITIUS http://www.e-strike.com