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Method Validation - Repeatability


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Prepared By : Shilpi Rajput (Analyst)

For detailed explanation of one of the most significant characteristic of method validation - Repeatability. Repeatability is the phenomenon where tests are conducted on identical test subjects with the same method, with the same method in short span of time.

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Method Validation - Repeatability

  1. 1. METHOD VALIDATION Prepared By : Shilpi Rajput (Analyst) Sigma Test & Research Centre
  2. 2. REPEATABILITY Definition:- Repeatability is the closeness of agreement between mutually independent test result obtained with the same method on identical test material in the same laboratory by the same analyst using the same equipment with in short interval of time.
  3. 3. Determination & Acceptability
  4. 4. A sample assessment of repeatability will be acceptable . A minimum of ten replicate sample determination should be made together with a sample statistical assessment including the % RSD. Limit of % RSD is in-house or matrix dependable.
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