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Inkzee corporate English

  1. 1. Inkzee Technologies SL Alejandro Barrera CEO and Founder
  2. 2. Problem ¿Do you remember when you used to go to the library and look up information? Internet has changed everything, now... THERE IS TOO MANY! We need tools that help us order and filter all the accessible information
  3. 3. Solution Eliminate the information noise and duplicity so we can get better quality
  4. 4. Solution Inkzee offers 2 products for two different types of users with 2 different problems and environments: Inkzee Reader for Internet end users Inkzee Enterprise for professional corporate users
  5. 5. Solution (Reader) Online blog aggregator for Internet end users
  6. 6. Solution (Reader) Semantic identification and ordering of the user’s duplicated information Use of personal information sources for an easy reading without duplicates Sharing of the most interesting news with your colleagues
  7. 7. Solution (Enterprise) Professional corporate online service (SaaS) for companies that creates thematic channels of information
  8. 8. Solution (Enterprise) Creation of thematic channels of selected sources of information for each stakeholder of the company Filtering of the information of the channels with keywords (brands, competitors, technology, ...)
  9. 9. Solution (Enterprise) Multiple predefined thematic channels so you don’t start with nothing Statistics of the most and least valuable information sources and usage and attention profiles of stakeholders Automatic recommendation of strategic information sources for each channel
  10. 10. Market 6251 Millions of Internet users worldwide 345 Millions read blogs on a daily basis (and growing) 57% of news consumers read them online, up from 33% some years ago 31% of the former, consume them on online blog aggregators 1Users that use Internet on a daily basis (Wave 4 - Universal McCann 2009)
  11. 11. Target Market 2532 Millions €
  12. 12. Show me the money!! (Jerry Maguire 1996)
  13. 13. Business model Inkzee Reader Freemium model for any Internet user (Global) Inkzee Enterprise Pay per use licenses for professional clients (Local and Global)
  14. 14. Business model White brand (API) Commercial agreements for the integration of functionalities (Enterprise) in third party websites (pay for traffic and use)
  15. 15. Technology Use of RSS standards (XML) Proprietary semantic algorithms Scalable architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  16. 16. Promotion Strategy Promotion on the most significative social media outlets (A-list bloggers, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) Free workshops for companies on 2.0 technologies where we will introduce Inkzee Demos to members of local consulting companies (Accenture, Deloitte, ...) so they can promote it to their end clients
  17. 17. Sales projections 500.000 € 375.000 € 250.000 € 125.000 € Year 3 0€ Year 2 Year 1
  18. 18. Competitors Consulting firms like Accenture, PWC, etc.
  19. 19. Achievements 1. Product prototypes (Reader/Enterprise) 2. Alpha and Beta phases for the Reader 3. 1st prize of the national EOI Business School entrepreneurial contest 4. 2nd prize of the UPM young entrepreneurs contest 5. Contact with several potential clients
  20. 20. Next steps... Searching for investment (150.000 €) - Grow the human team - Grow the technological infrastructure Launch of the Enterprise product Launch of the Reader product
  21. 21. The team Alejandro Barrera CEO and Founder MS in Computer Science (UPM)‫‏‬ UC Berkeley, USA Previous startup experience Cofounder of Tetuan Valley (tech incubator) External consultant at
  22. 22. The team Ana Borrego Marketing and sales VP PhD Physics (Uni. Cantabria) Master Marketing and Commercial Mgmt. (IE) IBM, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft Grupo Prisa Grupo Santander – Produban (Strategy)
  23. 23. Thank you very much for your time