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InKnowVision June 2014 HNW Case Study Webinar - Martin


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Jim and Jan are 60 and 52 respectively. Several years ago they started up a national sales and education business. After a few years getting the business off the ground and building their intellectual property, the capture of new markets and increased margins are generating rapidly increasing revenues and profits. As a result, they have recently been approached by a 3rd party buyer and it has motivated them to begin thinking about their business succession plan. Their eldest son has become very involved in the business, playing an ever increasing role in day to day operations, and would like to take the business over at some point.

Their current net worth is approx. $22M with $20M tied up in the business. Until now, all of the profits were reinvested into the business to help generate their rapid growth. Jim and Jan feel they can finally afford to distribute some of the excess profits and begin to plan for their future retirement.

The primary planning goals are to:
- Build personal wealth outside of the business.
- Create a business succession/transition plan.
- Equalize the inheritances for their children.
- Provide pathways into the business should their other 3 sons decide to participate.
- Support their church and other community causes through charitable planning.
- Protect the business and family wealth from estate taxes

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