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InKnowVision February 2014 HNW Case Study Webinar


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Jeff is 75 and Theresa is 72. Jeff recently retired from an executive position in a public company. As a result of his retirement he exercised over $45M in stock options and has 5 more years of deferred compensation payments. Jeff has also sold his 50% interest in his Corporation and the note payments are providing significant income for the next 9 years.

Jeff and Theresa have annual living expense desires of $725,000, with the available income to more than meet this need. Jeff’s deferred compensation payments average more than $2M/yr. for the next 5 years; his annual pension payments are $660k/yr. (inflating); and he also has note payments totaling $360k/yr. for the next 9 years from the buyout of his Corporation interests. These sources of income are in addition to an investment portfolio in excess of $60M that comprises a large portion of their $90M net worth.

The primary planning goals are to:
- Provide an inheritance to their children in a manner which will enable them to create opportunities for themselves but not encourage them to be unproductive.
- Provide for a charitable gift at death to their family foundation as long as it doesn’t greatly diminish the amount they pass to their heirs.
- Eliminate or reduce estate taxes.

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