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Mobile SDK + Cordova


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Published in: Technology
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Mobile SDK + Cordova

  1. 1. Mobile SDK + CordovaJoshua Birk, Developer Evangelist@joshbirk
  2. 2. Joshua Birk, Developer Evangelist @joshbirk
  3. 3. The Salesforce Platform Your Apps Our Apps Any Apps Salesforce Touch Platform Chatter Salesforce Identity Heroku AppExchange
  4. 4. Mobile SDK: Accelerate App DevelopmentTools for building native, hybrid, and HTML5 apps on iOS and Android OAuth2 Secure authentication and refresh token management API Wrappers Interact with Salesforce REST APIs with popular mobile platform languages App Container Embed HTML5 apps inside a container to access powerful native device functionality Secure Offline Storage Store business data on a device with enterprise- class encryption Push Notifications Dispatch real-time alerts directly to mobile devices
  5. 5. • Rich user experience • App-like experience • Fast development cycles• Platform specific • Leverages device capabilities • Cross-platform• Proven path for mobile apps • Multiple platforms • Instant updates
  6. 6. Apache Cordova(formerly PhoneGap)Native AccessCross PlatformPlugin Framework
  7. 7. Camera Demo
  8. 8. SmartStoreAn offline,schema-less,encrypted data store
  9. 9. NFC Example watch?v=nXq409WsI1E &feature=plcp
  10. 10. forcedotcom joshbirk
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Joshua Birk, Developer Evangelist @joshbirk