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  1. 1. TESCO -Comparism amongcampaigns in GB and HUNJudit BenczeZoltán Hegyi
  2. 2. CONTENT• History - GB• History - HU• Brands of Tesco• Advertising techniques of GB Tesco• Webpage analysis/comparism• Advertising tools of Tesco Hungary• TV-spots• Summary
  3. 3. HISTORY - FACTS• Center in Cheshunt (GB)• established by Jack Cohen in 1919• worldwide 5381 stores• total 472,000 employee
  4. 4. Hungarian stores• 1994 appeared in Hungary, aquisition • 2004 opened the first TESCO gas of “Global” stores station, from 2009 named as Shell• first store at Szombathely, then • Main centers: Budaörs, Gyál, Budapest (Pólus) Herceghalom
  5. 5. Advertisingtechniques in GB• TV commercials • dropping prices, pushing discounts, rational decision• Price tags appearing, famous stars doing their shopping in the store• Tesco mobile: they position the product as a rational solution for easy problems, not pushing idealistic dream worlds in the the commercial
  6. 6. Advertisingtechniques in HUN• Catalogues, Hungarians pretty much used to it• Bilboards with only one core message• Rarely Tv spots• Message: Very cheap prices, Hungarian suppliers, but media is full of its scandals• dropping prices, pushing discounts, rational decision
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