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3 different types of plastic molding process


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When it comes to plastic molding there are two main types such as thermo sets and thermoplastics, but the core thing that creates a distinction between the two is the temperature.

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3 different types of plastic molding process

  1. 1. 3 Different Types of Plastic Molding ProcessWhen it comes to plastic molding there are two main types such as thermosets and thermoplastics, but the core thing that creates a distinction betweenthe two is the temperature. To put it clear thermoplastics are softened at hightemperature on the other hand thermo sets are hardened at high temperature.The reason behind the distinction of the above said method lies in thepolymers which forms those two plastics. Thermoplastics have polymer whichseem like a chain of atom in single dimensional string, as they are thawed outat high-temperature it can be remodeled. On the other hand, thermo sets areshaped from a polymer with three-dimensional chains therefore they are ableto keep maintain their shape. When it comes to shaping and molding plasticby means of either thermoplastics or thermo sets there are loads of processes.The best part about the stuff is that it is possible to use the combination ofthose two types.There are a lot of types of molding process such as extrusion, injectionmolding, and the combination of the two processes which is known as blowmolding.The different type of molding processes includes: Extrusion injection molding and the combination of extrusion and injection molding
  2. 2. Now let us see a brief note on the above mentioned processes.The process of extrusion is started with raw plastics like powder, pellets, andbeads. At the outset, the plastic is fed to a gyrating chamber. The extruder thatis the chamber will spin and melt the plastic this in turn gets to the next stepof shaping the plastic in the way you want. Followed by that, the end productis dropped on the conveyor belt to be cooled with water. Finally the endproduct is cut and the finishing touch is given to it. Films, sheets, pipes aremade through extrusion.The next type in the plastic molding process is the injection molding process.The theory behind this process is just the same like the extrusion but then theslight difference is the introduction of hopper. The raw plastic is fed into themelting chamber by a hopper. The variation that takes place in this process is;the melted plastic is put into cold mold with high-pressure. The reason behindthis is that if the mold is cool, the creation will be cleaned and refined. Withthe help of this process bottle caps, toys, furniture, containers can be made.The next method is the combination of extrusion and injection moldingprocesses now let us see what the steps are: A blowing method is used afterthe extrusion or injection molding. The thawed out plastic in the extrusionprocess makes use of a die to create a heated plastic tube with the cold moldaround it. Whereas in the extrusion blowing, the compressed air will bewafted by the tube such that it will give a force to the plastic to craft a hallowshape inside. When this methodology is followed, the producer will be freeand the process of attaching different injection-molded parts is eliminated butin the injection molding method wafts the thawed mold, into the finishingshape in different cold.For more information about our custom molding services, visit HoustonPlastic Injection Molding.