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The minutes of the meeting north west forum for african communities


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The minutes of the meeting north west forum for african communities

  1. 1. The Minutes of the Meeting of Northwest Forum for AfricanCommunities formerly known as (Merseyside) INISE AISBLCouncil held on Saturday 23 June 2012 at URC.Present: Fitsum Habtemaviam (Eretrea/Ethiopia); James Quainoo (MAG);Josephine Mentford (MAG); Nana Dede Taylor; Baiba D.Mjidho-Chairman(KCA), Matthieu Kapesi (CAM); Petronelle K Moanda (CAM); Alfred Salami-Secretary (CHARA TRUST); Rev. (Dr) Steven Gitonga (CHARA TRUST)1 Opening Prayer Action The opening prayer was said by Alfred Salami2 Introduction and welcome Baiba Mjidho (BM) welcomed everyone to the meeting and each member present introduced himself/herself and said a few words about the reasons why she/he chose to be a member of the group. After the introduction, a question was raised about the purpose of the meeting and clarity on representations at the meeting. BM suggested that the answers to both questions would become very clear if he was given the opportunity to give a brief presentation about INISE and to read an e-mail he had received from Ewa Sadowski- Chief Executive-Barka (UK) This request was granted and he read the e-mail in which Ewa had regretted not been able to attend the meeting herself to answer questions about INISE. Her e-mail was helpful as it attempted to explain the purpose of INISE and answered some of the concerns raised by members. BM then proceeded to give a short presentation about INISE and the previous meeting which took place in May as a result of a visit by some people to Kenya. Members at this point became clearer about INSE and its purpose and its formation. At this point BM suggested that for the meeting to be structured and productive we needed to appoint officers be it on a temporary basis. This request was agreed and after some discussions the following people were appointed as follows on a temporary basis: BM (Chairman and Alfred Salami AS (Secretary). Following this Petronelle from the Congolese Community Association raised a question as to why their organisation was not included as founding members of INISE despite the fact that the Congolese Community Association was one of the first organisations that went on the earlier visits to Poland when the
  2. 2. idea of INISE was first hatched. She further noted to her amazement that Chara Trust that initiated the process was not even mentioned anywhere in the founding document and yet certain individuals and organisations who went to Poland courtesy of Chara Trust have been included. She asked for clarifications on the criteria used for selecting certain individuals and organisations and, why the only French speaking country on the group (the Congolese Association) had been left out? These particular issues raised more questions than answers. BM said that clearly there were real problems and at this point he suggested that these concerns should be put to BARK (UK) who would attempt to take them up with relevant people. At this point the meeting was adjourned for a few minutes for coffee break and also an opportunity to e-mail these concerns to Barka (UK). By the time the meeting recommenced a response had come back from BARKA giving reassurances that the concerns would be looked into. It was also explained that no organisation would be disadvantaged as a result of the current registration document of INISE and that the document is opened to further amendments in the future.3 Membership and Representation of the group. Following discussions by the group, it was agreed that in order to encourage and widen participation there will be two representatives from each organisation and or country. It was further agreed that to maintain good attendance at meetings a further one person per organisation as a reserve was also agreed. For voting purposes only two members from an organisation would be able eligible to vote. It was further agreed that this arrangement would be subject to future review as the group is still evolving.4 Name of the organisation After much debate about the merits and demerits of the original name: Merseyside INISE AISBL Council, the meeting agreed that in order to attract colleagues from northwest as a whole the new name should be changed to Northwest Forum of African Communities. The adoption of a new name was necessary for the following reasons: (a) It was felt that it is pointless to have another organisation called INISE on Merseyside as this would confuse people (b) Another INISE on Merseyside would not only confuse people but would also dilute the real INISE and could be seen as competitors. Following adoption of the name there was a suggestion that
  3. 3. the position of Chairman should be rotated on a meeting by meeting basis. This was discussed and rejected as such an arrangement could create continuity problems instead the group to have an annual rotation.5 Any other Business(1) Agenda : It was agreed that there should be formal agenda items for future meetings(2) Barka (UK) Celebrations: It was noted that Barka (UK) would be have a celebration event on 22 September 2012. Members were encouraged to support this event by Merseyside being fully represented.(3) Date and venue of next meeting: The Next meeting would take place on 18 July at 5.30 pm at CHARA TRUST Offices at: 64 Upper Parliament Street. L8 FOR INFORMATION- THE FOLLOWING ARE ATTACHED TO YOUR MINUTES: (1) A COPY OF INSE REGISTRATION DOCUMENT (2) GUIDELINES ON FUNDINGContinue over page for members list and contacts
  4. 4. Contact/List of MembersName E-mail TelephonePetronelle K Moanda 07792081139Mathiew Kapasi 07982389590James Quainoo 07877546143Josephine Mentford 07428710863Rev (Dr) Steven 07968366671GitongaFitsum Mabtemavian 07814721076Nana Dede Taylor 07631388315Alfred A. Salami 0770 9398 601Baiba Dhidla Mjidho 07947138741