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Poland groups proposal june 2012[1]


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Poland groups proposal june 2012[1]

  2. 2. 1. PROJECT BACKGROUND AND JUSTIFICATION1.1 PARISH PROFILEHoly Trinity Kariobangi Catholic Parish is one of the Parishes within the Archdiocese of Nairobi(ADN). The vision of ADN is “to be a witness of love reflecting the Church of Christ where allare dignified”. The mission of ADN is “to fulfil the mission of Christ through evangelization ofthe whole person”.Like the ADN, Kariobangi Parish is highly involved in development work. This is mainly inalleviation of human suffering, enhancing social justice and general peace building. The Parishendeavours to educate the Parishioners and general community on their dignity, rights and duties tothemselves and their country.Kariobangi Parish has jurisdiction over the area covering Huruma, Kariobangi and KorogochoLocations. For the ease of administration, the parish is divided into four zones, namely, St.Martin’s-Ngei, Huruma, Central (Kariobangi) and St. John’s-Korogocho. Besides the main Church,there are two outstations – St. Martin’s-Ngei and St. John’s-Korogocho. The Parish is run by theComboni Missionaries.A large proportion of the area falls within informal settlements. In total, the Parish has over500,000 residents with a fairly high density of 8 or more persons per household who are usuallydependent upon one breadwinner. Most households live in single rooms measuring less than 10square feet.1.2. CURRENT SITUATION OF UNEMPLOYMENTThe core problem identified in various stakeholders meetings with the youth and local leaders is“over 4,000 young people in Holy Trinity Kariobangi are unemployed”. This has led so manyyoung people getting them involved in crime, alcoholism, drug abuse and other forms of anti-socialactivities. As a result, people in the community are living in fear of insecurity and violence.Majority of the perpetrators of crime and violence in the area are youth. Among the key reasons forthis is unemployment. Indeed, in a recent youth forum, the youth prioritized unemployment anddrug abuse as the most pressing issues in the community. The youth start getting into these viceswhile still young. Cases of “children” as young as 13 years being involved in armed car-jackinghave been reported.Numerous causes of unemployment have been identified. They include, but not limited to: • Corruption • Lack of employment opportunities in the local and national economy • General household poverty • Discrimination against the youth • Diseases, such as HIV/AIDS • Drug abuse and addiction • Family break-ups and neglect of parental responsibility • Lack of vocational skills and inadequate facilities for the same • Lack of and / or low education levels 2
  3. 3. 1.3. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSISHoly Trinity Kariobangi has always been concerned with the well being of the young people. TheChurch has thus used every available opportunity to propagate against unemployment as well as togather information on possible interventions. In so doing, the Church has also sought to understandthe root causes and effects of the problem and its other dynamics as fully as possible.The Church has initiated and hosted more than ten stakeholder forums to discuss the causes of theproblem, effects and possible interventions to reduce the same. The stakeholders who participatedin these forums include: - • Youth and youth leaders • Local administration (Chiefs and village elders) • Security personnel (Heads of police posts in the area) • School leaders and teachers • Environmental conservation groups • Religious leaders from different religious and denominations • Leaders from Kariobangi Catholic ChurchThe identification and analysis of the problem was also informed by cases and incidents ofunemployed youth seeking the help of the priests and other pastoral leaders in the church.Additional insights have been received through staff serving in various parish projects.A lot of other useful information came in from various church ministries, groups, Small ChristianCommunities and individual Christians.Using data gathered using the above approaches; stakeholders summarized the most significantimpediments to sustainable lawful employment for the youth in Holy Trinity Kariobangi to be: 1) Lack of vocational skills by the youth 2) The youth lack enough motivation and drive for self employment 3) Lack of programs in Holy Trinity Kariobangi area with the capacity to create incomes for large numbers of young people 4) Inadequate support to youth income generating initiatives.1.4. WHAT HAS BEEN DONE BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCHKariobangi Catholic Church has been in the forefront in implementing various projects that reducethe impact of poverty. Some of the key interventions are highlighted below. Peace Building ProjectThe peace-building project focuses on improving the living standards of Kariobangi people throughdevelopmental activities: -Targeted groups have improved peace through developmentThrough this project the parish has been able to establish 6 peace clubs in primary schools. They areintended to introduce young school children to the culture of peace at an early age. Due tobudgetary constraints the parish is not able to reach out to the children in the other 46 primaryschools in the area.The project has also managed to address some aspects of insecurity and crimes. This has beenachieved through providing regular forum where stakeholders dialogue on crime and insecurity andhow to combat the same. In addition, the project has provided seminars and workshops in peacebuilding and conflict transformation skills for the youth.Whereas some impact has been achieved with a number of youth previously in crime giving up thevice, the parish is constrained financially. For instance, the parish does not have adequate financial 3
  4. 4. resources to help the youth groups acquire essential tools/equipment such as pull karts, rakes,wheelbarrows and over-alls etc.More financing is also needed to implement programs to enhance their capacity to manage income-generating ventures efficiently and effectively (and thus profitably). They also need to improvetheir working sites as well as start new environmental management and income generating projects.1.5. PROJECT PARTICIPANTS AND STAKEHOLDERSThe direct participants of the project will be 100 youth groups from both inside and outside thechurch. The direct beneficiaries of the project will be 4000 (100 youth groups, each with an averagemembership of 30- 40) from both inside and outside the church. Parents will also be highlyinvolved in the project as a way of enlisting community ownership.2.0 PROJECT DESIGN2.1 PROBLEM STATEMENT, GOAL AND OBJECTIVES PROBLEM STATEMENT:Over 4,000 young people in Holy Trinity Kariobangi are unemployedPROJECT GOAL:To sustain 4,000 youths in Kariobangi in economic development and employment creation.PROJECT OBJECTIVES:OBJECTIVE ONEEnhance the capacity of Kariobangi Parish to minister and respond to the challenges of youthunemploymentOBJECTIVE TWOProvide vocational skills training to over 1,000 youth in KariobangiOBJECTIVE THREEProvide small business management skills training to over 2,000 youth in KariobangiOBJECTIVE FOURProvide support to income generating activities for over 1,000 youth in Kariobangi2.2 IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES AND ACTIVITIESThe project will concentrate on mobilization and training of the target beneficiaries. Priority will begiven to youth peace groups and women peace groupsThe training will seek first to develop their capacity. Those who gain adequate motivation anddetermination will be assisted to progress to the next phases of the project and ultimately start andrun their small enterprises.2.3 IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES FOR OBJECTIVE ONEEnhance the capacity of Kariobangi Parish to minister and respond to the challenges of youthunemployment. 4
  5. 5. STRATEGY: STRENGTHEN THE ADMINISTRATIVE CAPACITY OF THE PARISHACTIVITIES (i) Establish project management committee (PMC) (ii) Set up a parish youth employment and information/documentation centre. • Set up a mechanism for collecting data and information (statistics) on youth unemployment, crime, conflict and insecurity incidences. • Periodic analysis (weekly, monthly etc) of data (iii) Conduct periodic reviews (quarterly, annual) (iv) Conduct mid-term and end-of-project evaluation (v) Train project staff and management committee in community mobilization and leadership skills, business counselling and facilitation skills. 2.4 IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES FOR OBJECTIVE TWOProvide vocational skills training to over 1,000 youth in KariobangiSTRATEGY 1: VOCATIONAL SKILLS TRAINING FOR YOUTH GROUPSACTIVITIES (i) Train 200 youth and single mothers in home-based soap making (ii) Train 200 youth in home-based screen printing technology (iii) Train 200 youth groups on safe sewerage management (iv) Train 400 youths to Improve the capacity of the actors to generate income though recycling activities • Training in recycling of organic waste into charcoal briquettes • Training in plastic paper recycling and making of products (baskets, etc) (v) Direct sponsorship to needy youth to undergo formal technical skills training (vi)Training on business management and expansion • Marketing for small enterprise • Legal aspects of small enterprise • Record keeping for small enterprise • Resourcing for small enterprise (vi) Establish a seed capital fund • Selection of group and individual based income generating activities that require start-up capital • Disbursement of start-up capital • Follow-ups on Income Generating Activities ( IGAs) started2.5 IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES FOR OBJECTIVE THREEProvide direct support to Income Generating Activities for over 4,000 youth in KariobangiACTIVITIES(I) Support youth income generating activities based on waste management • Assist youth and other groups with garbage collection tools- wheelbarrows; push carts, forks, shovels uniforms, and gloves etc • Facilitate negotiations for collection of sewerage (emptying) from residential septic tanks for disposal at the city council sewerage site 5
  6. 6. (Ii) Sensitize Community on the Importance of Cleaner Environment • Facilitate dialogue between CBOs and landlords, village elders, local administration, city council, NEMA etc on safer sewerage disposal • Mobilize community for clean-up campaigns • Production of promotional and educational materials • Training for local environment committees2.6 IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES FOR OBJECTIVE FOUR Provide direct support to income generating activities for over 4000 youth in Kariobangi- 2 lobbying and advocacy campaigns for safer, cleaner environment per year(iv) Hold Annual Marketing Exhibitions • Venue • Organization/ Logistics • Publicity / advertising3.0 RESOURCE INPUTSTHE RESOURCES REQUIRED PER ACTIVITY ARE HIGHLIGHTED BELOW. NO. ACTIVITY RESOURCES / MATERIALS 1. Recruit Project Coordinator Advertisements, stationery, panel refreshments, communication 2. Recruit Training / Asst Project Advertisements, stationery, panel refreshments, Coordinator communication 3. Recruit parish Monitoring Advertisements, stationery, panel refreshments, Officer communication 4. Buy 5. Establish project management Meetings for selection, orientation, etc: - refreshments, committee (PMC) stationery, photocopying 6. Project orientation for PMC 7. Project orientation for Parish Selection and orientation meetings groups 8. Conduct periodic project Recruitment of Consultant, refreshments, stationery, reviews traveling, 9. Quarterly project reviews Review meetings and logistics 10. Annual project reviews Review meetings and logistics 11. Conduct mid-term review Recruitment of Consultant, refreshments, stationery, traveling, documentation 12. Project end-of-term review Recruitment of Consultant, refreshments, stationery, traveling, documentation 13. Train project staff in business Facilitation, training materials/handouts, counselling food/refreshments, traveling, first-aid 14. Train youths and staff on Peace Facilitation, training materials/handouts, building Skills, Leadership, food/refreshments, traveling, first-aid Communication, Active non Violence etc. 15. 3 3-day trainings on home- Facilitation, training materials/handouts, based soap making per year food/refreshments, traveling, first-aid 6
  7. 7. NO. ACTIVITY RESOURCES / MATERIALS 16. 3 3-day trainings on home- Facilitation, training materials/handouts, based juice making food/refreshments, traveling, first-aid 17. 2 2-day trainings on home- Facilitation, training materials/handouts, based screen printing food/refreshments, traveling, first-aid, technology 18. 2 3-day trainings on safe Facilitation, training materials/handouts, sewerage management food/refreshments, traveling, first-aid 19. 2 5-day trainings on recycling Facilitation, training materials/handouts, of waste into charcoal food/refreshments, traveling, first-aid briquettes 20. Sponsor 50 needy youth for Fees other skills 21. 2 5-day workshops on small Facilitation, training materials/handouts, business start-up process food/refreshments, traveling, first-aid 22. 2 1-day consultations between Mobilization, venue, facilitation, refreshments landlords, youth groups and city council on sewerage disposal 23. 1 clean-up campaigns per yearMobilization, posters, garbage bags, hand-gloves, masks, promotional materials (T-shirts, caps, flyers etc) 24. 3 1-day training for village Facilitation fees and materials, venue, refreshments environment committees 25. Annual marketing exhibitions Venue, organization/logistics, publicity/advertising,3.1 MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMSThe project will be managed by a project committee which reports to the Parish Priest. Thecommittee shall be appointed by the Parish council which is the highest decision making organ inthe parish. The committee shall be composed of the Parish Priest, project coordinator, youthminister, two representatives of the Parish Council and two youth representatives.The project coordinator shall run the daily operations of the project with the assistance andsupervision from the parish priest.4.0 PROJECT MONITORING AND EVALUATIONEach project activity will be monitored on a continuous basis. Activities falling within the sameobjective will also be monitored on a continuous basis. The project evaluation teem includes; theParish Priest, Project Coordinator, Youth leader, Representative from the parish Council, and SmallChristian Community Representative.The narrative and financial progress report will be forwarded to the donors periodically. 7
  8. 8. 5.0 PROJECT BUDGET ESTIMATES5.1 THE BUDGETNB: All amounts in Ksh; TOTAL BUDGET ITEM BRIEF NOTES / @ AMOUNT (KSH) 1 YEAR1.0 Personnel1.1 Program salaries (Gross) Project coordinator 70,000/= per month 840,000 Training / Assistant project coordinator 60,000/= per month 720,000 Monitoring Officer 50,000/= per month 600,000 Personnel sub Total 2,160,0002.0 OFFICE EQUIPMENT Computer 60,000 Video Camera 50,000 1 digital Camera 14,000 1 printer 18,000 1 scanner 15,000 Furniture –chairs, desks, cabinet 25,000 Telephone 7,500 Sub-total office equipment 189,5003.0 OFFICE EXPENSES Office maintenance @ 7,000/= pm 7,000 Stationery/supplies/photocopying @ 4,000/= pm 48,000 Telephone – mobile @ 2,000/= per staff pm 24,000 Utilities – water, electricity @ 2,000/= pm 24,000 Audit fees 20,000/= per year 20,000 Sub-total office expenses 123,0004.0 PROGRAMMING EXPENSES4.1 Objective One: Enhance the capacity of Kariobangi Parish to minister and respond to the challenges of youth unemployment4.2 Project Management Committee (PMC) Formation of Project management committee Mobilization- refreshment, copies 4,000 (PMC) Orientation for PMC 2 days @ 9,000/= refreshment, 18,000 copies, documentation Quarterly PMC project reviews 3 reviews per year- refreshment, 27,000 copies, etc @9,000 Annual PMC project reviews 1 reviews - refreshment, copies, 9,000 etc @9,000 Sub Total 58,0005.0 PMC and staff training Community mobilization and leadership skills 1 2-day training 15 pax – 21,500 training for PMC and staff facilitation@5,000 pd, accommodation/meals@ 2000/=pp, traveling@500/=pp, 8
  9. 9. TOTAL BUDGET ITEM BRIEF NOTES / @ AMOUNT (KSH) 1 YEAR1.0 Personnel materials @ 4000/= Business training and facilitation skills 1 2-day training 15 pax – 21,500 training for PMC and staff facilitation@5,000 per day, accommodation/meals @ 2000/=per person, traveling@1000/= per person, materials @ 4000/= Youth information and documentation centre Educational reports, Video 100,000 tapes, books, newsletters, cabinets magazines, CDs, etc Sub Total 143,0006.0 Evaluation Mid-term evaluation Hire of consultant 10 days @ 5, 000/= pd 50,000 Production of evaluation reports 20 copies of reports @ 500/= 10,000 Subtotal 60,000 Sub Total 58,000 143,000 60,000 Sub-totals Objective one 261,0007.0 Objective Two: Provide Vocational Skills Training to over 4000 Youth in Kariobangi Training in various vocational skills for youth and single mothers – soap making, juice making, screen printing 2-day soap making trainings, 100 pax Venue, 5,000/= for 3 days per 15,000 year Facilitation/consultancy fees 15,000 5,000/= for 3 days Trainings materials for workshop 4,000 @ 4000 for 3 days Meals/refreshments 100 pax 90,000 @300/= per day for 3 days Sub Total 124,000 3-days juice making trainings, 100 pax Venue, 5,000/= for 3 days per 15,000 year Facilitation/consultancy fees 15,000 5,000/= for 3 days Meals/refreshments 100 pax @ 90,000 300/= per day for 3 days Trainings materials for workshop 4000 @ 4000 for 3 days Sub Total 124,000 5-day screen printing trainings, 100 pax pa Venue, 5,000/= for 5 days per 25,000 year 9
  10. 10. TOTAL BUDGET ITEM BRIEF NOTES / @ AMOUNT (KSH) 1 YEAR1.0 Personnel Facilitation/consultancy fees 25,000 5,000/= for 5 days Training Materials for 50 pax 4,000 4000/= Meals/refreshments 50 pax @ 75,000 300/= per day for 5 days Sub Total 129,000 5-days training on sewerage management, Venue 5,000/= for 5 days per year 25,000 100 pax pa Facilitation/consultancy fees 25,000 5,000/= for 5 days Training Materials for workshops 4,000 @ 4000 Meals/refreshments 100 pax @ 150,000 300/= per day for 5 days Sub Total 204,000 124,000 124,000 129,000 204,000 Sub-total Objective two 581,0008.0 Objective Three: Provide business management skills to over 2000 Youth in Kariobangi Training on small business start up process 5-day business start-up training w/shops per Venue, 5,000/= for 5 per year 25,000 yr, total 100 pax Facilitation/consultancy fees 25,000 5,000/=for 5 days Training materials- 5 w/shops pa 4,000 @ 4,000/= Meals/refreshments 100 pax @ 150,000 300/= per day for 5 days Sub Total 204,000 Seed capital fund 500 participants to benefit @ 2,500,000 5,000/= each per year Sub Total 2,500,000 Sub Total 204,000 2,500,000 Sub-totals Objective three 2,704,0009.0 Objective Four: Provide direct support to income generating activities for over 4000 youth in Kariobangi 2 lobbying and advocacy campaigns for safer, Posters, flyers, banners, photos, 90,000 10
  11. 11. TOTAL BUDGET ITEM BRIEF NOTES / @ AMOUNT (KSH) 1 YEAR1.0 Personnel cleaner environment per year cartoons, T-shirts, public address system, refreshments, first aid kit, etc Sub Total 90,00010.0 Sensitize Community On Importance Of Local Cleaner Environment contribution 2 1-day training for village environment Mobilization, venue, 25,000 committees refreshments, Sub Total 25,000 Annual marketing exhibitions 5 days each: Venue, organization/ 150,000 logistics, publicity/advertising, Sub Total 150,000 Sub Totals 90,000 25,000 150,000 Sub total Objective Four 265,00011.0 SUMMARY Personnel Sub Total 2,160,000 Sub-total Office Equipment 189,500 Sub-total Office Expenses 123,000 Sub-total Objective One 261,000 Sub total Objective Two 581,000 Sub-total Objective Three 2,704,000 Sub total Objective Four 265,000 TOTAL 6,283,500 CONTINGENCY (5% of total)12.0 THE FOLLOWING ARE THE GROUPS ACTIVITIES, OBJECTIVE, CHALLENGES, BUDGET ESTIMATES AND THE SUGGESTED ITEMS TO SUPPORT IN INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITIES PER GROUP12.1 WOMEN PEACE PROMOTERS GROUPINTRUDUCTIONThe group was formed in the year 2011 and it’s based in Kariobangi parish in Nairobi.It involved 30 members from different tribes of Kenya. The group usually meets weekly in thechurch hall for discussion forums on peace promoting and merry go-round contributions.OBJECTIVESThe main objectives of the group are to promote peace among the people of Kariobangi through:-  Fighting ethnicity and crimes  Ensuring good morals among the families; starting from within to the entire society of Kenya.ACTIVITIES 11
  12. 12.  Peace promoting workshop to empower the members  Peaceful socialization and discussion forums on how to maintain peace among others  Holding weekly peace meeting to ensure unity in their work  Making peace candles to ensure economic stability to promote Peace Building  Making peace baskets, table cloth, hand bags, table mat, neck less etcCHALLENGES  Lack of enough capital  Lack of standard cooker / jiko  Lack of machine for making candle  Lack materials e.g. beads, string etcBUDGET WOMEN PEACE PROMOTERSNO. QUANTITY DESCRIPTION AMOUNT TOTAL Each (@) Total amount1. 2 Candle making machine 140,000 280,0002. 30 Pcs T/ shirt 650 19,5003. 1 Computer for designing 20,000 20,0004. 30 Pcs Leso (Kanhga) 300 9,0005. 50 Kg Paraffin wax 6000 12,0006. 10 Kg Steric acid 500 5,0007. 10 Kg Whitting + other colours 500 5,0008. 4 Sufuria 4,000 16,0009. 2 jiko 1,500 3,00010. 1 Dozens knives 240 24011. 1 Dozens scissors 360 36012. 4 Metal jug 200 80013. 3 Rolls Candle yang (String) 150 45014 2 Bags of charcoal 1,500 3,00015. 2 Stoves 550 1,10016. 50 Packing polythene papers 200 10,000 SUB TOTAL 385,45017 10 Kgs Wooden beads 600 6,00018. 10 Kgs Shaped wooden beads 700 7,00019 10 Kgs Concave beads 700 7,00020. 10 Kgs Round beads 700 7,00021. 10 Rolls Tetron fabric 2,200 22,00022 10 Pcs Stitching thread 100 1,00023. 5 Rolls Lining 4,500 22,50024 5 Rolls Fishing line 500 2,50025 5 Dozens Wool 2,000 10,00026 5 Meters Zip 200 1,000 SUB TOTAL 86,000 TOTAL AMOUNT 471,45012.2 MWAMBA PEACE CLUB (A) The Group was formed in the year 2009 under Holy Trinity Kariobangi Catholic Church.Mwamba means ‘Rock’. Jesus Christ is our rock as jua kali (artisans). 12
  13. 13. This group is composed of men and women ready to promote peace through different activities. Atpresent their members are 55 in total and one Peace-building Coordinator. The membership ismainly composed of mechanics, business people, sellers of old tires, repairers of bust tires, gases,hoteliers, making and selling tire bushes etc. They are from different Kenyan tribes. The mainobjective is to promote peace among themselves, families, workplace and the society.They promote peace through the following activities • Planting Peace Trees for environmental management • Regular clean-ups in the surroundings • Car assembling and repairs. • Starting of small hotels (cafes) as a way of getting income • Establishing pool tables for income and recreation • Tire repairs and wheel alignments • Involvement in different seminars for example on peace-building skills, leadership, Management skills and Active Non Violence skills.This group normally meets twice a month. All the members meet at the end of every month andexecutive meets on fifteenth of every month. The group has monthly contributions which we hopewe shall start an income generating activity in the future.BUDGET- MWAMBA PEACE CLUB (A)NO QTY ITEM / DESCRIPTION @ TOTAL AMOUNT 1. Space (Plot) 1 Million 1 Million 2. Seed Fund 200,000 200,000 3. 10 Spraying Machine 30,000 300,000 4. 10 Pressure Machine 30,000 300,000 5. 10 Bushes (Rubber) 6,000 60,000 6. 10 Meter Machine 5,000 50,000 7. 5 Gas Cylinder 30,000 150,000 8. 5 Tool Box 25,000 125,000 9. 10 Car Wash Machine 35,000 350,000 10. 1 Camera Video 46,000 46,000 11. Hotel Equipments E.G. Sufuria, Cups Etc 10,000 10,000 12. 56 T Shirts 650 36,400 13. 1 Banners 5,000 5,000 14. 1 Group Utensils(Sufurias, Cups, Plates 20,000 20,000 Dozen@ Etc) 15. 2 Jiko 1,500 3,000 16. 4 Tent 10,000 40,000 17. TOTAL 2,695,40012.3 HURUMA PEACE CLUBThe group was formed in the year 2009 and it’s based in Kariobangi Parish. It consists of around 20members from different tribes of Kenya.Their main objectives are;-Peace promoting-Educating other youths to quite crime-Engaging in income generating activitiesActivities-Poultry keeping 13
  14. 14. -Cyber Café-Theatre WorkBUDGET - HURUMA PEACE CLUBNO QTY ITEMS @ TOTAL AMOUNT 1. Iron Sheets 20,000 20,000 2. Timber 15,000 15,000 3. 4 Computers and Printers 70,000 280,000 4. 12 Egg Trays 20 240 5. 10 Chairs 600 6000 6. 2 Tables 2,500 5000 7. 2 Wheelbarrow 2,500 5000 8. 4 Brooms 250 500 9. 5 Metal Rakes 400 800 10. 2 Spades 350 700 11. 40 Addition of More Hens 500 20,000 12. 40 Bag Chicken Mash 1,500 60,000 13. 15 Chicken Trough 375 5,625 14. 10 Chicken Feeder 380 3,800 15. 20 People Costumes and Headscarf 1,000 20,000 16. 2 Drums 3000 6,000 17. TOTAL 448,665.0012.4 NYOTA AFRICA YOUTH GROUPNyota Africa Youth Group Was formed in July 2009 by a group of youths who decided to cometogether in order to utilize their skills and talents. It was registered in Kenya as a communityorganization in 2010.Nyota Africa is based at Holy Trinity Kariobangi Catholic Parish. In the core of practicing andpreserving their culture as young people, they not only employ themselves but also educate thesociety by focusing on the issues that affect their day-to-day social lives as conflict resolution,promotion of HIV/AIDS awareness, counseling other youths to get out of crime, environmentalconservation and encouraging young people to work hard in their endeavors. The activities for Nyota Africa includes theatrical work for example traditional dances, drama,songs, poetry, acrobatics, research on cultural diversity and resource mobilization.Their vision is to realize a society transformed by social-cultural education and promotion throughenhanced use of art in Peace-building. Nyota’s mission is to sensitize the youth and the society ingeneral on the cultural heritage of Kenya and Africa in order to create a platform for all, forlearning through art. The aim of the group is to ‘end crime’ through entertainment, as an incomegenerating activity. They as well promote Christian love, peace and unity.Challenges faced by the youth groups • Lack of vocation skills trainings • Lack of alternatives out of crime. • Unemployment • Lack of funds to expand their projects • Lack of exposure to other well intended Catholic Youth Groups 14
  15. 15. BUDGET- NYOTA AFRICANO. QTY ITEMS / DESCRIPTION @ TOTAL AMOUNT 1. 30 Costumes 1000 30,000 2. 6 Traditional Drums 3000 18,000 3. 1 Wadidi 6000 6,000 4. 1 Traditional Jembe (Dancing) 6000 6,000 5. 10 Fluts 500 5,000 6. 10 Shakers 150 1,500 7. 10 Kg Beads 600 6,000 8. 1 bucket Colours for Decollations 390 390 9. 2 Tents 10,000 20,000 10 TOTAL 92,890 .12.5 YOUTH TRANSFORMING FOR CHANGEYouth Transforming for Change is an organization formed to bring together reformed youths fromcrime and other criminal activities. It was formed in 2009 to provide a platform for the KenyaYouth to be empowered, to be physically fit and to transform their lives and become peace builders.Their vision is to live in a peaceful society free from crime, to create a platform for the youths to beself employed, physically fit and transform them into positive living.Objectives • To sensitize and change the youth from life of crime, drug abuse, prostitution and other criminal activities • To expose their potential talents • To create a forum where the youths can exchange different social ideas and opinions in order to become responsible, mature and independent citizens • Encourage self employment for all the members • Encourage positive living for all the members through Christian prayer and Taize MeditationActivitiesBeads work, Physical fitness, community policing and environmental managementProposed future activities • Open cyber café • Fast food restaurantBUDGET -YOUTH TRANSFORMING FOR CHANGENO QTY ITEMS / DESCRIPTION @ TOTAL AMOUNT 1. Cyber Café (Rent a Room) 10,000 10,000 2. 4 Computers and Printers 70,000 280 ,000 3. 2 Tables 2,500 5,000 4. 10 Chairs 600 6,000 5. 10 Kgs Beads 600 6,000 6. 3 Rolls String 500 1,500 7. 2 Tents 10,000 20,000 15
  16. 16. TOTAL 328,50012.6 BOXING YOUTH GROUPThis group is composed of 32 members aged between 9 to 35 years. They are engaged in sports,they enhance members in self-employment; sensitize members in social and environmentalactivities. Their Activities include clean-ups, tree planting, car wash, body fitness whereby theypractice boxing as a sports. The Catholic Church of Holy Trinity Kariobangi bought them car washmachine for washing cars as a way of eradicating poverty among them.BUDGET -BOXING YOUTH GROUPNO QTY ITEMS / DESCRIPTIONS @ TOTAL AMOUNT 1 2 Tanks 7,500 15,000 . 2 5 Wheelbarrow 2,500 12,500 . 3 5 Rakes 400 2,000 . 4 5 Spade 350 1,750 . 5 3 Car Washing Machine 35,000 105,000 . 6 2 Tents 10,000 20,000 . 7 TOTAL 156,250 .12.7 EAGLES YOUTH GROUPThe group was formed in the year 2009 and its based in Kariobangi parish in Nairobi.It involved 40 members from different tribes of Kenya.OBJECTIVESThe main objectives of the group are to promote peace among the people of Kariobangi through:-  Poverty reduction  Capacity building and empowerment  Creation of employment opportunities  Offer information and advice on micro financeACTIVITIES  Peace promoting workshop to empower the members  Peaceful socialization and discussion forums on how to maintain peace among others which are held twice per month in the church hall.  Educate and create hope on the disadvantaged members in the society e.g. PLWHIV/AIDS, orphans and vulnerable peoples.  Car washing as their main activity to ensure financial stability.  Tree planting to ensure cleaner and safer environment.CHALLENGES  Lack of enough capital to purchase for machines to promote their work  Lack of adequate finances to fund the facilitators  Lack of enough support to fund the project 16
  17. 17. BUDGET -EAGLES YOUTH GROUP NO. QTY ITEMS / DESCRIPTION @ TOTAL AMOUNT 1. 3 Car Washing Machine 35,000 105,000 2. 2 Tanks 7,500 15,000 3. 2 Tents 10,000 20,000 4. 10 Kenpoly Chairs 600 6,000 5. 5 Rakes 400 2,000 6. 5 Spades 350 1,750 7. 5 Brooms 250 1,250 8. TOTAL 151,000.0012.8 MWAMBA PEACE CLUB (B)The group was formed January 2012, and its part of Mwamba peace club.The main theme of forming the group was to promote young youths to know how to save toimprove their living standards and on how to engage in small income generating activities.The group consists of around 30 members from different tribes of Kenya.OBJECTIVES  To promote peace among themselves and other young women.  To ensure better living standards in their families and their neighbors.  Peaceful forums and workshops for capacity building and empowerment  Create awareness on immoral behavior that lead to conflicts and mistrust among the community members. etcACTIVITIES  Merry go round contribution which they save  Cooking cakes  Educating community on how to maintain peaceCHALLENGES  Lack of enough capital  Lack of raw materials  Lack of standard equipments e.g. jiko, cooking utensilsBUDGET -MWAMBA PEACE CLUB (B)NO. QTY ITEMS / DESCRIPTION @ TOTAL AMOUNT 1 2 Tents 10,000 20,000 . 17
  18. 18. 2 10 Kenpoly Chairs 600 6,000 . 3 2 Cooker for the cakes 30,000 60,000 . 4 4 Tables 3,500 14,000 . 5 1 dozen Utensils (cups, sufurias, plates, spoons) 8,140 8,140 . 6 2 Thermos flask 10,000 20,000 . 7 Raw materials (flour, fat, colours, etc) 15,000 15,000 . 8 Space (Rental house) 10,000 10,000 . 9 TOTAL 153,140 .12.9 HUMBLE YOUTH GROUPHumble Youth Group was formed in 2008. It composed of 40 members between 15-40 years old. Itis an organization formed to promote peace through development. They are engaged in educatingthe general community in HIV/AIDS, Attending peace building workshops/ seminars,Environmental management through clean ups, garbage collection, Car wash, Tree planting, Hiringtents and Chairs. The group is based in Holy Trinity Kariobangi Parish.CHALLENGES • Lack of vocation skills trainings • Unemployment • Lack of funds to expand their projects • Lack of exposureBUDGET -HUMBLE YOUTH GROUPNO. QTY ITEMS / DESCRIPTIONS @ TOTAL AMOUNT 1 10 Wheelbarrow 2,500 25,000 . 2 20 Metal Rakes 400 8,000 . 3 10 Spades 350 3,500 . 4 2 Tents 10,000 20,000 . 5 30 Pairs Gumboots 800 24,000 . 6 50 Kenpoly Chairs 600 30,000 . 7 30 Pairs Gloves 400 12,000 . 8 150 Mouth Masks 20 3,000 . 18
  19. 19. 9 TOTAL 125,500 .12.10 SCHOOL PEACE CLUBSThe School Peace Clubs are from class 4 to 8 in the six schools. The Peace Club rage from 40-100Pupils in a class. They are a powerful means for nurturing the culture of peace early in their lives.The members choose to become peace advocates voluntarily. Peace Clubs play a great role inreducing violence, reducing the potential violation of human rights and building the capacity of themembers to deal with conflicts. They engage in transformative learning and activities. They becomeagents of peaceful change, using non-violent means.In some cases, especially in poor urban neighborhoods, some children have been reared in violentenvironments. Such children are socialized to become potentially violent. Members of Peace Clubshelp them to break the cycle and become useful members of the society.ACTIVITES-Provide a forum for members to learn vital skills for managing conflicts-Mediation and Negotiations-Clean-ups and tree planting-Playing and visiting the Sick and Elderly-Class peace sessions-Drama festivals and music festivalsBUDGET -SCHOOL PEACE CLUBS (for 6 Schools)NO. QTY ITEMS / DESCRIPTIONS @ AMOUNT 1 420 Pupils Costumes 1,000 420,000 . 2 280 Dozen Books 600 168,000 . 3 20 Pkts Biros / pens 750 15,000 . 4 8 Dozen Pencils 240 1,920 . 5 8 Dozen Rubber and Sharpeners 240 1,920 . 6 24 (4 drums Musical Drums 3,000 72,000 . per school) 7 TOTAL 678,840 .13.0 SUMMARY OF TOTAL BUDGET ESTIMATES FOR THE ABOVE GROUPSNO GROUP AMOUNT 1. Women Peace Promoters 471,450 2. Mwamba Peace Club (A) 2,695,400 19
  20. 20. 3. Huruma Peace Club 448,665 4. Nyota Africa Youth Group 92,890 5. Youth Transforming for change 328,500 6. Boxing Youth Group 156,250 7. Eagles Youth Group 151,000 8. Mwamba Peace Club (B) 153,140 9. Humble Youth Group 125,500 10. School Peace Club 678,840TOTAL TOTAL 5, 301,635GRAND TOTAL OF ALL THE REQUIREMENTS NO. REQUIREMENTS AMOUNT (Ksh)1. TOTAL AMOUNT FOR TRAININGS, OFFICE 6,283,500 EQUIPMENTS, PERSONEL AND OFFICE EXPENSES2. TOTAL AMOUNT FOR BUDGET ESTIMATES 5, 301,635 FOR THE LISTED GROUPS GRAND TOTAL (KSH) 11,585,135 Holy Trinity Kariobangi Catholic Parish P.O. BOX 47714-00100 NAIROBI, KENYAThe President,Barka Foundation for Mutual Help,UL SW Wincentego 6,61 – 003 Poznan,POLAND.Dear Sir/Madam, 20
  21. 21. We are pleased to present this letter requesting membership andparticipation in INISE project. These groups represent many groupsin Kariobangi. Our activities are included in the Youthempowerment proposal. Together with the Holy Trinity -KariobangiParish, we shall implement the project in a participative manner.Many youth and women groups in Kariobangi are unemployed andseeking help. Besides, the number of unemployment youth continuesto swell day by day.We are seeking to arrest the situation of unemployment byempowering the youth and women through employment creation. Theproject will benefit approximately 4,000 youths and womendirectly. These will reduce the level of unemployment to manypeople.We look forward to everlasting partnership, membership andparticipation with your esteemed institution.Thanks and may God bless you,Yours Faithfully,Jacinta Wanjiku Ng’ang’a –0722317802PEACE BUILDING COORDINATOR-KARIOBANGI PARISHEmail: 21