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Inise formation 2012 alfred salami[1]


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Inise formation 2012 alfred salami[1]

  1. 1. charatrust inspiring community regeneration 64 Upper Parliament Street Liverpool L8 7LF Tel. 0151 708 5146Tomasz SadowskiChairmanBarka Foundation for Mutual HelpUL.Sw Wincentego 661-003 PoznanPoland22 June 2012Dear Mr. Sadowski,Acceptance of invitation as founding member of International Network forInnovative Social Entrepreneurship(INISE) Chara Trust is a Liverpool based company limited by guarantee and a registeredcharity. The trust was formed in 1996 being formally constituted under a trust deed.The object of the charity is the promotion and facilitation of community capacitybuilding, empowerment and regeneration. This is achieved through courses,programmes of activity and engagement with other organisationsChara Trust in carrying out its activities has always based its strength on collaboration,partnership working and opportunity to share experiences, expertise and learn fromothers. It is in this regard that our partnership with BARKA (U.K) under the Network forEurope programme was established. This relationship later resulted into visits to Polandwith Africans who are anxious to learn from the experience and work of BARKA inPoland and internationally.Our work in Liverpool and Northwest of England which began in a very humble buteffective manner has since developed and grown beyond the boarders of UK intointernational arena including: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria andgrowing.It therefore gives me great pleasure and honour to accept your invitation as a foundingmember of INISE. Chara Trust will use its wealth of expertise and experience in humancapital development to contribute fully to the aims and objectives of this greatorganisation-INISE. Thank you.Yours sincerely,Alfred A.SALAMI-Chairman.Mobile Contact: 0770 9398 601 E-Mail: Registered Charity No 1070653 Email: