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Inise aisbl


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Inise aisbl

  1. 1. INISE AISBLInternational Network for Innovative Social Entrepreneurship(references in singular in slides 2, 9 and 10 taken from Ewa’s briefing note of 22/06/2012)
  2. 2. LIVERPOOL RECONCILES1. I would like to let you know that at the last minute we managed to include Chara Trust to the list of the founding members of INISE.2. This has been thanks to the resolvement of misunderstandings between the leaders of the organisations in Liverpool.3. Chara Trust has been the organisation which contacted Barka Foundation and the one which has been organising the study visits of Merseyside-based organisations to Barka Network in Poland. The visits have borne fruit in our joint endeavors towards the establishment of INISE.4. In terms of the registration process, we have a month to go to obtain the royal authorisation according to the information from the General Office Advices.
  3. 3. OBJECTS AND PURPOSE1. The Association does not have a profit objective. Its general aim is to establish partnerships at national and international levels with civil society organizations, public authorities at all levels, educational and research institutions, economic and social institutions and especially European Institutions - to promote and develop social inclusion and social entrepreneurship within the social market economy.
  4. 4. OBJECTS AND PURPOSE2. The AISBL INISE pursues as well educational activities. As such, it organizes conferences, seminars and training to benefit its members and its beneficiaries.3. The main activity of the Association will relate essentially to the elaboration, implementation and management of projects and local economic and/or social development services proposed by the member organizations of INISE and public or semi-public bodies and by Associations or companies having a similar purpose. The Association will not aim, through its activities, to reap financial benefits
  5. 5. OBJECTS AND PURPOSE4. In the common projects, the Association works for the benefit of its members in partnership with international and European institutions.5. The AISBL has as a purpose of the conception and the implementation of stable and clearly identified local partnerships with the actors of social economy and public authorities, aimed at participative new social business start-up, employment creation and education. It realizes its objective in a total independence towards any government or political party, and in coherence with the principles of the founding act of the Association.6. In addition, the AISBL can develop all the activities which will contribute directly or indirectly to the realization of the above mentioned non- lucrative goals within the limits fixed by the law.
  6. 6. MEMBERS - CATEGORY The Association consists of legal and physical persons distributed in three categories of members, full or associated. The AISBL counts at least 15 full members, who have all the rights granted to the members aimed by the AISBLs law. The above-mentioned founders are the first full members. Bodies which can become members are:-7. As full members: all actors of social economy as well as all the representative platforms of the social economy at the national and international level, all structures supporting the social economy (foundations, social banks, science and research institutions, alliances and networks of social enterprises etc.)8. As associate members: public authorities at all levels and their platforms, grouping of public authorities, other thematic networks of cities and regions and their platforms as well as trade unions and institutions supporting employers and employers’ alliances9. As associate members: physical persons supporting the social economy.
  7. 7. FOUNDING MEMBERS1. Barka Foundation for Mutual Help, Poland. Tomasz Sadowski2. Barka Cooperation Network, Poland. Lidia Węsierska-Chyc3. Barka UK Ltd., UK. Bernadatte Cassidy4. Barka for Mutual Help Ireland, Ireland. Dagmara Szlandrowicz5. Stichting Barka, Holland, Ewa Sadowska6. Association dAide Mutuelle à BARKA, FRANCE. Martine Wendzinski7. Harambee (UK) CIC, UK. John MacPhie8. Harambee (CIC) Uganda Ltd., Uganda. Godwin Bateren9. Kenya Community Association Ltd., Great Britain. Baiba Dhidha Mjidho.10. Mekelle University, Ethiopia. Tadesse Dejenie Haile, PhD11. Merseyside Association of Ghanaians, UK. Ibrahim Farouque Napson12. Mukuru Promotion Centre, Kenya. Sr. Scholasticah Nganda13. Fondation Privee Nkeme, BELGIUM. Marie Belek14. Chara Trust, UK. Alfred Salami.
  8. 8. INTERIM BOARD AND TRUSTEES1. Mr Tomasz Sadowska, BARKA Foundation for Mutual Help, Poland;2. Ms Ewa Sadowska, BARKA UK;3. Sr. Scholasticah Nganda, Mukuru Promotion Centre , Kenya4. Mr. Godwin Bateren, Harambee (CIC) Uganda Ltd. Uganda5. Mr Baiba Dhidha Mjidho, Kenya Community Association, Liverpool UK
  9. 9. REGISTRATION1. Place: Brussels, Belgium.2. Governing Law: Belgian Law.3. In terms of the registration process, there is a month to go to obtain the royal authorisation according to the information from the General Office Advices (GOA).
  10. 10. IN PROGRESSCurrently I am arranging meetings withrepresentatives of EuropeanCommission & Parliament and EuropeanEconomic and Social Committee inBrussels to update them on the progress wehave made so far.