Corespondence on trip to brussels


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Corespondence on trip to brussels

  1. 1. From: Baiba Dhidha MjidhoTo: Ewa SadowskaDate: 2012-03-01Subject: Africa study tourDear Ewa,I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you, your father and mother and entireBarka family for the invitation to Brussels which has been enormously rewarding. Iwill be working on the various issue covered in our two day program.While I was travelling back to Liverpool, I thought carefully on the Africa Study visitwhich has been pending since last year and we want to make it a priority. The firstthing we have to ask what is the intended outcome. What benefit and impact will itmake. Finally is there a better alternative that would yield higher value to the project.Our two days passage through the corridors of EU offices and meetings with variousofficials indicates that there is need to audit in Africa on specifics in terms oflegislation, opportunities, governance impacting on the intervention, currentoperations of social enterprise, support services and others.Thomasz idea is noble and enabling. It will stimulate a continent but in my view forhim to have the highest impact and engage Brussels at position of advantage he oughtto make an audit of representative sample of Africa. A visit to let Kenya where he canmeet law makers, civil service, ministry of cooperative, justice and constitutionalaffairs, academics and social enterprise operatives will give a strong base. He wouldalso meet officials of the EU Delegation in Nairobi.I strongly believe if Thomasz make such visit with your mother who is fluent inEnglish and thereby interpret for him such a visit would greatly move the wholeproject forward at minimal cost whose financing would be easy to get.The Kenya Community Association through its Trustees in Nairobi would be willingto coordinate the visit and secure all needed appointments with selected or neededofficials that would make the audit tour extract the needed outcome.It is my strong recommendation that this modification on Africa study visit receiveconsideration and evaluation. I arrived here at midnight safely.With kind regards,Baiba Dhidha MjidhoKenya Community AssociationFrom: Baiba Dhidha MjidhoTo: Ewa SadowskaDate: 2012-03-02Subject: Africa Tour of Mr & Mrs SadowskiDear Ewa,On behalf of the Kenya Community Association and Ghana Community Associationthrough whose mandate the invitation originated we are humbled by the acceptanceof Basia and Tomasz to tour Africa.On behalf of the peoples of Africa whose hopes and expectations we represent, weconvey and express our collective sincere and profound thanks. We cannot expressour joy adequately through any vocabulary or formation of words. This expression ofjoy and thanks comes out of the depth of our hearts, the heart of Africa.
  2. 2. Africa says thank you. May Gods grace and blessings be upon them always, may Godcontinue to increase them in wisdom and may the work of their labour multiply andbear fruit abundantly. May the favour of all nations be upon them always.AmenBaiba Dhidha MjidhoKenya Community AssociationFrom: Mr Godwin BaterenTo: Ewa SadowskaDate: 2012-03-01Subject: Pictures from Visit to BrusselsDear Ewa,I write to say, many thanks for the wonderful time we had with Tomasz, Baiba andyourself in Brussels. The time was busy and hectic, my first ever visit to theEuropean Parliament, however it was very useful as a learning experience andbetter understanding of the context in which we are working, who we need to knowand how conversations are held.I was particularly interest in the development of the Barka European SocialEconomy Network (and REVES of course) and its importance in our future work.Its importance become even clearer when Prof. Busek asked how a Polishorganisation like Barka can make the case for putting a lot of effort in Africa andelsewhere. I was very pleased to meet with the people from REVES and will do mybest to encourage our Local Authority Partners in Uganda to consider learningfrom the network, even as `Observer Partners status.Here are the pictures from Brussels, arranged in groups.My warmest greetings to Tomasz, Barbara and the rest of the Barka family.God BlessGodwin BaterenHarambee Uganda