Barka study tour to kenya programme


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Barka study tour to kenya programme

  1. 1. TOMASZ, BARBARA & EWA AFRICA TOUR PROGRAM, 28th APRIL 2012 TO 9th MAY 2012.DATE DAY TIME FUNCTION ACTION28 April 12 Saturday 2:25 am Arrive Nrbi Trustees arrange clearance through VIP Lounge 3:45 am Nrbi Club Check in and rest 2:30 pm Tourist Attraction Nairobi animal orphanage 8:00 pm Dinner KCA Trustees (Ss Nganda, Hon. Kiilu & Mr.Kiio)29 May 12 Sunday 10:00 am Church English service at Nairobi RC Basilica view Pp JPII plaque 2:30 pm Visits Church Social projects and programs 8:00 pm Dinner Dinner with Cardinal Njue or other ie Arch. Bishop Nzimbi.30 April 12 Monday 9:00 am Meeting Polish Ambassador to Kenya. 11:30 am Meeting Head of EC Delegation Lodewijk Briet or Assistant to Head Francisca Van Der Wildt or Deputy Head of Delegation Marjaana Sall 3:00 pm Meeting Minister of Agriculture & Livestock Development. 8:00 pm Dinner Representative of Kenya Polish Forum in Nrbi.1 May 12 Tuesday 9:00 am Meeting Mr. Gil Haskel, Ambassador of Israel to Kenya 11:15 am Meeting Minister of Cooperatives and Social Services (Government empowerment, support & legislation to informal sector). 3:00 pm Field visit Tour social cooperatives or groups within Nrbi working with destitute or socially marginalized or excluded. 8:00 pm Dinner CAAD Pillar3 ERG member (Josephine Kiamba or Steven Were Omamo see pg 2)2 May 12 Wednesday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Experience day of ordinary rural Kenyan (African) family. Visit projects and programs on social market economy. 8:00 pm Dinner Share experience at dinner with a social science academic.
  2. 2. 3 May 12 Thursday 9:30 am Meeting Minister of Gender, Culture & Social Services. 11:30 am Meeting Minister of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs 3:00 pm Meeting Uganda High Commissioner to Kenya. 8:00 pm Dinner Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Kenneth Marende.4 May 12 Friday 9:00 – 6:00 pm Field visit to Kanini Kaseo (invite Israel Embassy). Receive and incorporate into initiative delegates of Tana Hurara CBO & Five Star Farmers Group and any other. 8:00 pm Dinner Kenya Hospitality evening5 & 6 May 12 Sat. & Sun Safari Family Tourist Safari Circuit of their choice within Kenya.7 May 12 Monday Full day Field visit to Sega Silicon Valley Academy and other projects of Kenya-Polish Forum around Kisumu. 8:00 pm Dinner Kenya Hospitality evening.8 May 12 Tuesday 9:00 am Meeting Ghana High Commissioner to Kenya 11:00 am Meeting National Coordinating Platform- Ministry of Finance; Office of the President/Prime Minister.(see pg 7 of CAAD Pillar3) 3:30 pm Press Address International Press on initiative an outcome of study tour. 8:00 pm Dinner KCA Trustees and other invites.9 May 12 Wednesday Depart Nairobi 03:45 am for Europe and EthiopiaNote:Nairobi to organize following appointments for Ewa Sadowski in Addis Ababa 1. Rhoda Peace Tumusime; Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union. 2. Official at AU secretariat in Addis Ababa