Africa visit preparation meeting 15 march 2012


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Africa visit preparation meeting 15 march 2012

  1. 1. EQUAL FOR EUROPE FOR AFRICA. TOMASZ SADOWSKI AFRICA VISIT PLANNING MEETING. 138 EARLE ROAD, WAVERTREE, L6 7HF; 15th MARCH 2012.Present:Nana Dede Taylor GhanaFraouk Ibrahim Napson GhanaPastor Daniel Kavuma UgandaRev. (Dr) Stephen Gitonga KenyaGilbert Ngatia KenyaBaiba Dhidha Mjidho KenyaApologies:Dr. Jonas Appiah-Ankam GhanaBeth Kamau KenyaGodwin Bateren UgandaJohn McPhie UgandaMain objective:Following the very successful mission organized by Tomasz to the European Commissionand Parliament in Brussels on 28th & 29th February 2012, it was considered that apersonal experience of Africa by Tomasz would increase his capacity to lobby withhigher understanding on the needs and issues impacting Africa that the project “Equalfor Europe for Africa” is intent to address.Ghana, Uganda and Kenya being among the nucleus countries within Merseyside whoare active in the project were invited to determine where in Africa Tomasz would go forthe seven days between 28 April and 9 May 2012.Apology is extended to the Congolese Association whose invitation was not sent byerror but would be in all future engagements.Punctuality:Other than Nana Dede Taylor who arrived before the start of the meeting, all othersarrived late and participants are encouraged to be punctual to facilitate timely meetingsand effective contribution and sharing of ideas or opinion.Nana Dede Taylor:While waiting for the delegates, Nana Dede gave a general overview of the extensivedevelopment work being carried out within his area of Chieftaincy. They were wide andvaried covering among others construction, farming, developing new markets,education, IT, and mining. It is important to note that he is through his title connectedto the council of Chiefs and thus have capacity to create awareness of beneficial ideas orprograms through them.He was networking with other chiefs who had complimentary programs in their areas ofjurisdiction. As a consequence of his personal interest and contact, he is highly informedon various initiatives and research activities geared at improving rural Africa. Ofparticular interest are improved breeds of sheep and goats with shorter maturity, highmilk production and meat yield up to double traditional variety.
  2. 2. Nana Dede has high exposure of Uganda as well as Kenya. His wealth of experience andperception of Africa will enrich the Equal project.Pastor Daniel Kavuma:Pastor Kavuma affirmed the multiplicity of intervention programs undertaken in variousparts of Africa with high impact on society. One such success in Uganda is the “Send aCow” project which provides cows to families countrywide. A family is given a cow andin return donates the first offspring to the program to be given to next recipient. Thisproject was carried out with credibility and has the support of both donor andcommunities.Overview of the Equal Project:Farouk gave an overview of the project, its origin and vision inspired by the opinion ofEESC “What role and perspectives for Africa’s social economy in developmentcooperation?” that motivated Tomasz to intervene in September 2011.Baiba gave an overview on the 28 & 29 Feb. 2012 trip to Brussels with Tomasz, Ewa,Godwin and John. A copy of the visit reports and press release were given to eachcountry in attendance. Nana Dede was also handed copy of “New Beginning” of theBarka Foundation.Distinction was made to the exploratory and fact finding tour of 5 Nation proposed inSeptember 2011 and the current visit by Tomasz under discussion to Africa. While the 5Nation tour was to determine areas and scope of intervention, Tomasz visit to Africawas to accord Tomasz opportunity to understand Africa and thereby increase hiseffectiveness in lobbying for the project. They have therefore to be understood as twoseparate undertakings with different aims and objectives but complementary. The firstaffecting implementation whiles the later policy and engagement.Barka International Association (AISBL):The meeting was briefed on Barka International Association (AISBL) under formationwhose governing documents were being drawn.Delegate’s consideration:It would have been naturally convenient for Tomasz to visit all the three countries inorder to have balanced view of Africa. However, the need to have deeper understandingand grasp of the issues was considered to be critical to the future success of the project.This means drawing a visit itinerary that has more contacts than travel which wouldinclude ordinary people, social economy operatives, government officials, legislators,diplomats as well as EC country representatives in Africa.It was further noted that while conditions vary from country to country, region to regionas well as governance there was commonality in the underlying issues and a singlecountry visit would still meet the main or principal aims and objectives intended.Destination choice:Based on the above reasoning, it was anonymously agreed that Basia, Tomasz and Ewavisit be confined to Kenya. However, appointments be provided for in the itinerary withthe High Commissions of both Ghana and Uganda in Nairobi.
  3. 3. REEVES:Nana Dede Taylor is due to travel to Ghana between 31 st March and 14th April 2012 toreview project and meet people. As Nkosouhene of Oframase his main role isdevelopment and thus is very valuable the aims and objectives of the Equal project andthe vision of REVES entry into Africa.It has been noted above that His Excellency has wide access to the Council of Chiefsequivalent to the House of Lords of the United Kingdom. He is therefore in the uniqueposition of facilitating the first membership of Africa to REVES. I have every confidencethat the commitment I have seen in the Nkosouhene of Oframase will not be tokenmembership but that which is of value.The Barka Foundation being a member of REVES and desirous to extend REVES intoAfrica could facilitate the dialogue leading to such membership.Way forward: 1. Tomasz, Ewa and Trustees in Kenya to be informed of the decision for visit to be confined to Kenya. 2. Logistics of visit be coordinated between London, Poznan and Nairobi. 3. Members be informed on progress. 4. Congolese Association be invited to future reviews and be given copy of this report. 5. An all inclusive atmosphere and ambience devoid of division be embraced to ensure delivery of the services intended to empower Africa through this project. 6. Any differences or divisions both real and imagined be set aside or eliminated for the good of Africa. The project be driven through "having the heart of a servant" thus "becoming excited about making other people successful".Baiba Dhidha Mjidho.16th March 2012.Nana Dede Taylor signing visitors book with copy of “New beginning” on his right given to him.