Power tech pollution control


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Power tech pollution control

  1. 1. Air pollution is one of the most critical concerns in the modern environment. To help the society tackle with this issue, we, a team of qualified and experienced professionals in the air pollution control mechanism industry have come up with an Electrostatic Filter to control the air pollution. We make use of a two-stage electrostatic filtration, which is the most renowned and trusted technology for controlling the airborne particulates. Our product includes:  Control the air pollution  Fume extractor  Dust collector  Soldering fume extractor  Mist collector  Welding fume extractor  Air pollution control equipment Dust collectors for a safe and clean working atmosphere ‘Powertech Pollution Controls’, one of the leading pollution control companies have come with a dust collector with brand name, ‘Dust Bag’. It is made up of non-woven polyester fabric as its medium of dust filtration, which is having antistatic properties. This dust bag makes use of conventional mechanical filter media. This dust collector has suction capacity ranging from 425 CMH to 9000 CMH. These specific dust collectors are used for collecting dust from: • Tool and cutter grinder • Cast iron machining • Buffing • De-burring & similar operations • Chip extraction Dust Collector
  2. 2. Dust bags can also be fitted with self-balanced extractor arms of various lengths for added flexibility to capture dust from different dust generating sources. The dust in the air is easily inhaled by the people working in the industry. This dust affects on respiratory tract and respiratory system badly. This dust leads to various respiratory problems. On the other hand, the dust generated through machining operations contains small metallic particles and metal chips. Along with getting this dust inhaled, it affects the skin by small cuts, infections, irritations etc. The metallic dust which is inhaled caused damage to lungs, respiratory system and even to the intestine. This metal dust may lead to serious diseases. Apart from all this health hazards, the dust available in the work atmosphere increases the temperature of the workplace making the person restless who is working on the workstation. Dust generation is one of the major problems in all kind of industries. Through different processes, the dust is generated and is mixed with the surrounding air. In addition to this, in manufacturing industries, a metallic dust is also generated by the operations like grinding, buffing, drilling, milling etc. Both types of dusts have bad effects on the human body. To avoid these hazards and to create safe and clean working atmosphere dust collectors are widely used in the industries. Both air dust collectors and metal dust collectors are used in manufacturing industries today. Typically, air dust collectors consist of a fan that either pushes or pulls the dirty air through some type of filtration. Dust in the air is collected on the filter and clean air is blown out of the unit. The filtration generally uses a mechanical process where filter is made up of porous material like cloth, paper or fiberglass. This filter is commonly called as net. When air passes through this net, the dust particles get caught in the net. In machining process, the dust follows along with the coolant or the cutting oil. This coolant and cutting oil is made to flow over a porous filter, usually cloth. The coolant or the cutting oil gets collected in the tank below the filter where the metallic dust gets accumulated on the filter. There are various models and mechanisms available in both the types of filters as per their specific intended use. Fume extractors specifically designed to improve work conditions & environment There are some leading pollution control companies like Powertech Pollution Controls, who have come up with effective solutions to the problem of fumes, with their wide range of fume extracting products. The company manufactures highly engineered fume extractors. A fume extractor is a product which removes fumes, mist, fine dust particles, smoke and fine powder. Powertech Pollution Controls has its own unique fume extractor with a brand name as ‘FumeKiller®’, which is capable of removing fumes and dust from the sources like CNC and Non CNC machines, electro discharge machines, induction hardening, TIG / MIG welding, soldering, dip tinning, diesel genset exhaust, furnace exhausts, spark erosion machines, die casting fumes etc.
  3. 3. General working of fume extractor involves scrubbing the exhaust fumes so that the harmful vapors and gases are absorbed in the scrubbing liquid. This process prevents the release of aggressive and harmful vapors into the environment. The fume extractors typically includes following equipment’s –  Suction hood.  Scrubbers.  Suction dust.  Blowers.  Chimney.  Pump or scrubbing liquid. Fume Extractor Broadly, fume can be defined as a gas or vapor or smoke which has strong smell and is dangerous if inhaled. Fumes contain solid particles formed due to condensation of metal oxides from volatilized metals. These are very tiny particles whose size ranges from 0.1 to 1 micron. A micron is one millionth part of a meter. Fumes are generated from welding, soldering, paints, chemicals etc. These fumes affect our health and even the nature around us, badly. Fumes affect on health by causing damage to the respiratory system and nervous system. The fumes generated from paints and hazardous chemicals may become the cause for dangerous diseases like cancer. It affects the nature badly by polluting the air and causing various damages to the plants.
  4. 4. Fume extractors can be designed as per the requirement of different industries. The fume extractor manufacturers are specifically designed to improve work conditions and environment in the industries. Apart from pollution control, the main advantage of fume extractor is lowered cleaning costs and reduces wear and tear of the machines. Some other advantages of fume extractors are – • Clean and hygienic working area. • High employee morals. • Increased productivity. • Increased safety. • Prevents corrosion of overhead crane structures and roof structures. • Reducing waste disposal cost. • Fumes are condensed and recycled thus optimizing the use of material. Mist Collector used to remove the mist thus helping effectively in pollution control A mist collector or a mist extractor is a device which is used to remove the mist thus helping effectively in pollution control. Different types of mechanisms are used in different types of mist collectors according to their designated use. The ‘Fume Killer’ of ‘Powertech Pollution Controls’ is well equipped to filter and control the fumes produced by oils and coolants. This makes this unit more efficient in mist extraction. The standard capacity of fume killer has a very wide range of suction capacity ranging from 500 CMH to 8000CMH. This mist collector works on the principle of electrostatic filtration. These mist collectors or mist extractors are used to remove mist from the mist generating sources like,  CNC and Non CNC machines.  Electro-discharge machines.  Induction hardening.  Spark erosion machines.  Die casting fumes.
  5. 5. Mist Collector Making use of effective mist collector adds to the profitability of the business by reducing maintenance and repairing expenses and improving employee morals thus increase in the productivity. Mist is formed in chemical and manufacturing industries by three different methods. In mechanical methods, physical shearing type forces may break up or atomize a liquid to form an aerosol mist. Mists created by mechanical methods are larger in size i.e. more than 1 micron in size. In cooling methods, when a gas stream is saturated with vapor and is exposed to a temperature drop, the cooled vapor in the gas stream will be condensed to form a mist. The particles which are formed in cooling methods are usually less than 1 micron in size. In the process of reactions, the chemical reactions between two or more gases in specific temperature and under specific pressure, creates mist. This type of mist consists of very tiny particles which are difficult to capture. Generally a mist is a mass of droplets of water in the atmosphere near to the earth. It is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in the air. Mist formation is a phenomenon which also occurs in industries. In industries a mist can be formed by different chemicals, oils and coolants used. Formation of mist in the industries has many adverse effects. First and most of all the mist formed due to hazardous chemicals and oils cause serious health problems. Continuous formation of mist lowers the life of the machines, equipment’s and cutting tools, thus increase in maintenance and repairs costs. Also working in such atmosphere lowers morals of the employees. This reduces overall productivity of the industry. To get rid of these problems, one of the renowned pollution control companies, ‘Powertech Pollution Controls’ has come up with a unique device called as mist collector or mist extractor. This device is recognized by the name ‘Fume Killer’ in the market. Soldering Fume Extractor & Smoke Remover Systems Soldering fume extractor plays a vital role in protecting from all these bad effects of soldering fumes. Soldering fume extractor is a device or a system which acts fumes generated in the process of soldering by absorbing the harmful ingredients in it. This device thus helps to keep the work area safe and clean. ‘Powertech Pollution Controls’ which is one of the leading companies in pollution control has come up with soldering fume extractor with the brand name as ‘FumeKiller®’. This device has suction capacity
  6. 6. ranging from 250 CMH to 8000 CMH which can take care of all types of fumes generated in soldering processes like dip tinning, wave soldering etc. This soldering fume extractor can be very widely used for removing fumes from below mentioned sources.  Hand soldering stations.  Dip tinning stations.  Wave soldering machines. Soldering fume extractor Many industries today are making use of soldering fume extractors designed as per their specific needs for the benefits like, 1. Preserving the asset of skilled manpower. 2. Providing safe and clean work environment. 3. Reducing employee absenteeism and turnover. 4. Achieving more quality in the work with the increase in the productivity and thus profitability. As heating and melting is involved, generation of fumes is very obvious in the process of soldering. The flux used in the soldering process cleans the surfaces which are to be joined, it helps to increase the flow of the solder to produce good joint as well as it prevents oxidation of the base materials which may result in weakening the joint. The flux material usually used in soldering process contains rosins. Rosin is a naturally occurring resinous material which is obtained from pine trees and is in the solid state.
  7. 7. Soldering is the process in which two or more metals are joined together by melting a filler material and making it flow through the joint. A chemical called flux is used as a cleaning agent that is used in combination with the solder to remove the oxidation from base and the filler metals. Unlike welding, soldering does not require melting of the base metals. The process of soldering is used in plumbing, making electronic components and in metal works from waterproofing to jewelry making. Welding Fume Extractor, Portable welding Extractors for Fumes The ‘FumeKiller®’ is a kind of fume extractor having wide range of suction capacity starting from 1000 CMH to 6000 CMH. It can be fitted with self-balanced fume extractor arm. It works on the principle of electrostatic filtration which can effectively filter and control all sorts of fumes produced while welding. This fume extractor is widely used for removing fumes from following fume generating sources,  TIG / MIG welding.  Arc welding.  Plasma cutting / welding.  Brazing.  Spot welding. Welding fume extractor Skilled manpower is the biggest asset of an industry. Welding process required skilled manpower. The fumes created in the process of welding affects the health of this skilled manpower. It deteriorates this asset of the industry. Many industries today are making use of welding fumes extractors designed as per their specific needs for the benefits like, 5. Preserving the asset of skilled manpower. 6. Providing safe and clean work environment.
  8. 8. 7. Reducing employee absenteeism and turnover. 8. Achieving more quality in the work with the increase in the productivity and thus profitability. Exposure to the welding fumes can cause various health problems. When these fumes are inhaled, they enter into the blood, brain nerve cells, spinal cord and other organs. This causes short term and long term health effects. The short term effects include metal fume fever, irritation of eyes, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, bronchitis, pulmonary edema etc. The long term effects include serious diseases such as lung cancer, urinary tract cancer, asthma, pneumonia, emphysema etc. Many of the workers who are working in factories, construction companies, manufacturing, mining and steel industries who have the maximum exposure to the welding fumes are suffered from some sort of respiratory illness or pulmonary infection. Welding is a fabrication or a sculptural process for joining two materials. Welding process is carried out by melting the work pieces and adding a filler material to form a pool of molten material which after cooling becomes a strong joint. The filler, the base metal, the base metal coating used during welding and the subsequent gases that are formed during the welding process release small and solid particles in the air which forms a plum. This plum is called as welding fumes. Fumes are produced in all welding processes, but maximum fumes are produced in arc welding process.