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Sun, Sea and Startups - Story of the Jamaica Tech Startup Scene


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My presentations are typically photo and logo driven with few words as I prefer to tell stories and connect the dots while presenting. But I was asked to share the slides anyway, so here they are. Maybe a mini ebook is in order.
I enjoyed my time at Black Tech Week

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Sun, Sea and Startups - Story of the Jamaica Tech Startup Scene

  1. 1. SUN, SEA & STARTUPS The Story of Jamaica’s Startup Scene Ingrid Riley- Founder, Connectimass
  2. 2. We’re Known for the 3Bs BOB BOLT BEACHES
  3. 3. 1990s American dotcom influence + Experimentation + Competitive Spirit = Caribbean Internet Startups
  4. 4. NetVision Interactive ( Multimedia) The First Wave 1998-2000s
  5. 5. A FlashTale of Two Marc(k)s Kingston to Hong Kong
  6. 6. Waiter Vibes Connects To Cash Delroy
  7. 7. Wave lulled…In the Meantime Many Experiments 1st Incubator
  8. 8. 60. 6000. 200 Caribbean’s Longest Running Our 8th Anniversary Kickstart. Community. Movement
  10. 10. Then This!
  11. 11. And This!
  12. 12. A Fresh Crop of Startups Emerging
  13. 13. Tech Meets Agriculture at #SWJA Jamaica's first Digital Agricultural Clearing House using web to sms/sms to web technology to connect farmers and businesses.
  14. 14. A travel search engine that uses semantic technology to make experiences searchable in ways that match the traveler’s imagination. Accelerating at Startup JA
  15. 15. Community… Culture… Connectivity… but… Newbies Leveraging the 3Cs
  16. 16. X . Mindset. . Risk + Failure Averse . Red Tape . High Energy Costs . Investors? . What Data? Open Data? JAMAICA…Got Problems
  17. 17. 1. Mobile Money/Payments Opportunity 2. Online Education 3. Data Open Data 4. Animation 5. Alt Energy 6. eAgriculture Don’t Worry About a Thing
  18. 18. What Drives the Doers . In 3-5yrs More Stunning Startups . More Jobs + opportunities .Tech solving local + global ones too.
  19. 19. “ We Will Deliver TO Di WORLD the Tech Equivalent of Usain Bolt and Bob Marley + Many Others in Between.” Mark My Words
  20. 20. Sun, Sea & Startups The Mission