Proyect 3 observation format


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Proyect 3 observation format

  1. 1. Licenciatura en Docencia de Lengua InglesaThird Semester 2013 BObservation FormatSchool visited: Escuela secundaria tecnica # 62. Date of Observation: May 9, 2013Observers: Ingrid S. Valenzuela, Jazmin P. Macias, Itzel Rodriguez, Antonio Alonso.1. Did the teacher introduce the topic based on their previous knowledge?Yes NoNo the teacher didn’t introduce the topic based on their previous knowledge becausehe went straight to the topic of the agreements and disagreements in order to start quickly theclass.2. Did the teacher introduce the class with a specific grammar point?Yes NoNo because the teacher gave statements to students to discuss in class.3. Did the teacher motivate the students to produce the second language inclass?Yes NoThe students spoke their native language in class because their level is not goodenough to produce it, however the teacher didn’t motivate the students to put it in practice.4. Did the teacher use repetition of drills?
  2. 2. Yes NoYes the teacher gave many statements to put in practice and clarify any doubts aboutthe agreements and disagreements.5. Did the teacher use the students’ personal feelings to agree or disagree withthe statements given?Yes NoYes because the students were reflecting to the statements according to their personalfeelings.6. Did the teacher promotes students reasoningYes NoYes because the students were reading the statements and analyzing with theirpersonal points of view.7. Did the teacher use the second language all the time?Yes NoNo the teacher use the language while he was explaining and giving the statements ofthe topic but when the students didn’t understand what they were going to do he explained itin their native language.8. Did the teacher give feedback on every mistake that the student make?Yes NoNo the teacher only specified the feedback on their personal feelings9. Did the teacher was well prepared to teach this class?Yes No
  3. 3. The teacher didn’t present the class with a good introduction, and the way ofpresenting the task of the agreements and disagreements was not the appropriate one. Theteacher didn’t use enough material to create the class interesting and motivated.10. Did the teacher provide the appropriate material for the class?Yes NoNo the teacher didn’t use the appropriate material because the task presented was notclear enough to complete with the topic. He should use some more material that can help thestudents have a better motivation on their learning.Students11. Did the students understand the topic innately?Yes NoNo the students needed some explanation for a better comprehension12. Did the topic was appropriate for the age of the students?Yes NoYes the topic was appropriate for the age of the students because it covers statementsthat make students reason in an easier way.13. Did the students have a good understanding while learning the topic step bystep (by processing)?Yes NoYes because the students got to learn more when the teacher had review thestatements step by step.14. Did the students have any problems while producing the second language?Yes NoYes, the students presented many problems while producing the language; theycouldn’t identify the correct form of speaking the right way of the agreements and
  4. 4. disagreements. There were a couple of errors like “they are agree”, or “Im agree” and “Im notagree.15. Did the students translate any text from the task given from the secondlanguage to their native language?Yes NoThe students didn’t translate any text from the second language to their nativelanguage; they had answered the entire questions in groups helping each others.16. Did the students exchange points of view about the topic?Yes NoYes, the students had exchange point of views with their team in their native language.Classroom17. Did the classroom have a good organization: students on their sits, payingattention, participating frequently?Yes NoThe classroom was not well organized because the teacher didn’t paid attention tothose aspects, the students got distracted most of the class getting out and talking aboutsomething different than the topic.18. Did the class have a good organization on the tasks presented?Yes NoNo the class was not well organized, the task given took so much time doing it that thestudents got bored.19. Did the classroom have enough material to work with?Yes NoNo the teacher didn’t provide enough material to work in class, that’s the reason thatthe class became boring and that’s why the students were distracted
  5. 5. 20. Did the material that the teacher gave was really useful for the students towork in class?Yes NoNo the material that the teacher provided to the students was not very useful becausethey didn’t have clearly the task assigned.