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Open data stories


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lightning talk given at an ODI workshop

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Open data stories

  1. 1. Untold stories: Local government data the personal and the political Data gaps and narrative possibilities Ingrid Koehler Local Government Information Unit
  2. 2. Two stories • Elections data: the most open data should possibly be • Home care data: social care needs, health conditions and experience of care – the most (nearly) closed data should be
  3. 3. Powerful Insights for Better Care Honest data about people’s ever changing care needs
  4. 4. Why CoCare? • Making outcomes based commissioning a reality • Inspired by the Burstow Commision on the Future of the Home Care Workforce • The only solution designed for local authorities within the local government family • An outcomes ethos: for individuals, care workers, families and councils • Designed for multi-agency and informal care
  5. 5. • Home care monitoring app designed to put individuals at the centre of their care network • Measures what really matters: outcomes, independence and experience. • Effective communication amongst professionals and the wider care network. • Co-designed at Kingston Council What is CoCare?
  6. 6. The sad state of local elections data Although these are pretty good examples…
  7. 7. A world of possibilities in localgov
  8. 8. Ingrid Koehler: @ingridk Get in touch