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Home care facts


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A few key facts about home care in England in 2014, For the Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce

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Home care facts

  1. 1. Care in the Home Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce The value of adult care, £87bn Council funded (22%) Privately funded (12%) Vol sector (3%) Informal care (63%) THE COST OF CARE state spend on home care £2.3 bn less public money on care since 2010 -6% Adults receiving care by age 65+ 18-64 Age profile of care recipients Need and unmet needs Most people receiving state support for care are over 64. This age group has seen a significant reduction in spend. Working age adults have seen very little cuts to care spending. There is substantial unmet need for care. 30% of women and 22% of men over the age of 65 need help carrying out daily activities but don't get it 1.3 million 43% of people over 85 need help carrying out daily activites but receive no funded care Adults receiving state support for care
  2. 2. Millions of workers Current workorce 2025 workforce 2025 enhanced workforce 2025 workforce addressing unmet need 0 1 2 3 4 THE NEED FOR CARE WORKERs At the most generous estimate, taking in better care choices, the level of unment need, and the demographic trends, the number of care workers will need to more than double, increasing by almost 2million by 2025. More conservative estimates indicate we'll need to add around a million over the next decade. Home Care Workers of all care workers part time 53% 60% On the front line home care workers on zero hours contracts 685,000 home care workers 30% turnover rate, almost 3X national average up to 219,000 paid less than the min wage Help us We face a crisis of delivering care. Share your views on how this can change to the Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce Sources: NAO Overview of Adult Social Care, KIngsmill Review : Taking Care and The Future Care Workforce