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10 social media myths in local government


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For LGIU local government and social media conference on 5 November 2009

Published in: Technology, Education

10 social media myths in local government

  1. Myth 1: You have to be a geek<br />Me back in Extra Ketchup on Flickr<br />
  2. No need for tech fear<br />
  3.<br />Myth 2: It’s all about the tools<br />
  4. Don’t be fooled by the tools<br />Social media is social <br />It’s a new way of connecting<br /><br />
  5. Myth 3: It’s just for kids<br />
  6. The kids do like it<br />
  7. Changing the way we do business<br />Three quarters of GenY choose retailers and products based on others’ customer care experiences shared online <br />What implications for politics?<br />What implications for personalisation <br />and co-production?<br />
  8. The future of participation<br />Source: Forrester research as previously<br />
  9. Myth 4: It’s a waste of time<br />Missing Flickr at work by Odd Bod<br />
  10. Stop blocking<br />
  11. Web2.0 can save time and money<br />
  12. Myth 5: It’s hard<br />Rocker Garden by yeowatzup on Flickr<br />
  13. It ain’t rocket science<br />
  14. Myth 6: It’s easy<br />Blocks by Hey Paul on Flickr<br />
  15. It’s not child’s play<br />
  16. F#(k<br />Myth 7: if let you people say anything,<br />they’ll say the worst thing<br />
  17. Trust, but verify<br />
  18. Myth 8: it’s too risky<br />Dangerous mind by Apesara on Flickr<br />
  19. What are the risks of not doing it?<br />
  20. This may be a rough ride<br />
  21. Myth 9: <br />You have to hire a flash consultant<br />Meet the Media Guru by Meet the Media Guru<br />
  22. Beware the gurus<br />
  23. Myth 10: It’s a replacement for traditional engagement<br />Reach by Neil Coleman on Flickr<br />
  24. As common as gossip<br />Gossip_bench by ercwttmn on Flickr<br />
  25. As revolutionary as the printing press<br />The original moveable type by Purdman1 on Flickr<br />
  26. YouTube if you want to<br />
  27. What the IDeA is doing<br />
  28. Being more “social”<br />
  29. Knowledge Hub<br />Websites<br />Blogosphere<br />Twitterverse<br />KHub<br />Personalisation<br />Apps, plug-ins,<br />widgets<br />Knowledge<br />Workers<br />CoPs<br />Mobile<br />Phone<br />Apps<br />RSS/Aggregation<br />Datasets <br />
  30. Efficiency Exchange<br />Efficiency<br />CoPs<br />Peer<br />Challenge<br />Benchmark<br />Data<br />Self <br />assessment<br />Best Practice Resources<br />Efficiency Exchange<br />Best Practice Collaboration<br />Allows users from participant authorities to develop and actively share best practice knowledge<br />Self Assessment<br />Data collected from councils helps highlight where greater efficiency can be achieved.<br />Peer Challenge<br />Peers from other authorities review the assessment and provide direct feedback<br />Benchmarking<br />Authorities able to review their data and compare with benchmark data collated by CA<br />Best Practice Resources<br />Community repository of current best practice principles<br />
  31. Find me<br />