Ron Spencer Work Concepts


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A short introduction to my work as a designer.

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Ron Spencer Work Concepts

  1. 1. RONALDASPENCER 541.870.3454 | 1231 NE MLK Jr. Blvd, Portland OR 97232LEED Green Associate EXPLORATIONS
  2. 2. Life toward a professional alchemy my strengths lie in a diverse knowledge base Business " life is a series of chaotic events that define who we are... " Design Becomes intrigued by Father is injured in a music and teaches self horse accident leaving to play guitar. Earns Receives all-league honors Enters primary school the ranches daily op- Learns to design and several awards in local in football for the Defensive and is advised to skip erations in the respon- build stained glass drawing competitions Back position. Also, a mem- several grade levels due sibility of him and his artwork and begins Learns to weld and build ber of the basketball team to advanced academic mother. Discovers the selling large pieces at simplistic structural which holds the longest win understanding. real meaning of ‘work.’ local art shows. systems. streak in Oregon history. 1990 1996 2000 2000 2002 1991 1999 2000 2000 2001 2003 Develops a passion for draw- Discovers a passion for Succeeds in be- Starts first major En- Becomes in- Accepted and re- ing and building. Published in lo- athletics and decides coming one of only trepreneurial endeavor trigued by the ceives scholarship to cal newspaper for construct- to begin training in or- 3 freshmen to be by acquiring financing mechanisms attend the University ing a Christmas reindeer out der to make the varsity chosen for the to start a small cattle of the Stock of Oregon. Go Ducks!!! of old barn wood. squads at an early age. varsity football herd. Market. squad. 2003 Nov. 6, 1984 2001 Voted Student BodyBorn on a secluded cattle After a very success- President of High School.ranch in Umpqua, Oregon. ful first year of opera- Proceeds to organize the tions gains additional design and redevelopment financing and massive- of school courtyard. ly expands herd count. umpqua eugenesecluded cattle RANCH
  3. 3. Takes a term off fromChooses to study Busi- school to work for theness Administration at esteemed firm Rick Graduated from the Uni-the University of Oregon. Receives the Wilkes Mather Architects for 6 versity of Oregon with Architecture Scholar- months in London. Utilizes a Bachelor in Architec- Hired as a marketing 2003 ship for exemplary aca- the opportunity to back- ture and minors in Busi- executive at Meyer Leads a multi-disciplin- demic work. Decides Sign Company. Leaves ary competition team pack across Europe and ness Administration and Immediatly begins to pursue multi-media shortly after building a in designing afford- experience many buildings Multi-Media Design. Final to loathe business design at the same time successful mass mar- able housing in New that had been an inspira- thesis project archived by practices because as architecture to fur- keting system to pursue Orleans. Receives 1st university and inspires an of the lack of eth- ther understand graphic tion before returning for urban forestry movement an M.B.A. and focus on place in the Cascadia ics and creativity. communication. his thesis studio. ING Design full time. Region. in Portland, Oregon. 2003 2004 2008 2009 2010 2010 2003 2005 2008 2009 2011 The next ? Inspiration arrived through Combining a ranch style Joins a sustainability stu- Established my own ‘expe- dent group and organizes adventure Dr. Jeffery Hurwitt’s lec- work ethic with a desire riential design’ firm focused awaits... a design competition, sub- on combining the analytics ture on the Roman Pan- to become an elite de- mits several proposals for signer he is successfully of marketing with the de- theon in art history. This campus installations, and 2010 sign process of architecture. discussion revealed exposed chosen to join 13 grad promotes a nationally rec- the true power behind ar- students for a summer ognized ‘green’ conference. Inspired by the financial cri- chitecture and how it can of study in Rome. Based spain sis I retuned to school to have a meaningful effect upon the program expe- receive my M.B.A. and to on society. Immediately an rience prerequisites he france further understand the busi- application is sent to the was not eligible, but the london germany ness complexities that hold back many magnificent ar- architecture program. Ac- professor saw potential. denmark chitectural works. cepted shortly after. holland istanbulrome portland ?
  4. 4. Professional experience rick mather architects design assistant London, UK - 2008 “...the combination of skylights, bridges, and stairs successfully integrate the new museum with the old. Here, the effortless spatial deployment of glass, steel, and black granite against the gentle curves of the atrium’s north wall creates a compel- ling centerpiece for the entire complex.” - Suzanne Stephens, Arch Record “Rick Mather Architects came top of the RIBA prize list after scooping four awards, including one for Building’s proj- ect of the year, the Ashmolean museum.” - Andrew Hankinson, I had the privilege of spending six months working under Rick Mather, also a former University of Oregon graduate, in London before returning to University for my thesis studio. This was a truly eye opening experience. While I had worked at firms before, I had never been exposed to such a collaborative and open office environ- ment. Additionally, there were many opportunities to visit our various proj- ects during construction which always has a profound effect on my spatial understanding. The Ashmolean Mu- seum was perhaps the most influen- tial project I was exposed to. Top: Viginia Museum of fine arts, RMA Bottom: Ashmolean Museum Renovation, RMA
  5. 5. ing-designbusiness development and Design Professional experienceportland, or - current The team’s solution, “was risky and bent a few of the rules, but for good reason,” Spencer adds. “This resulted in us be- ing the only entry to actually look at the effects of all 100 units being built. Rather then recreate another mundane rigid community we tried to create a new community that thrived and was allowed to grow and heal together. You can have an extremely beautiful object, but in iso- lation it is still just that, an object...” - Brian Libby, Portland Architecure Blog I n November of 2009 I founded my own creative firm which combined my training in business management, marketing, and the creative process- es. Projects included school remod- els, business branding, marketing campaign support, and architectural competitions. The above excerpt is from an interview regarding our win- ning entry in a competition that called for affordable housing solutions for post hurricane New Orleans.moran architectsinternphoenix, az I n the summer of ‘07 I held my first internship. I quickly learned the ba- sics of how an architecture firm op- erates while assisting on large-scale hospitality and commercial projects.Top: New Orleans Housing CompetitionBottom: Casa Imperial de Sol, Moran Architects
  6. 6. 6.0 CONtE x t Ecological Interaction Analytics Perforated Edges ter + See The Water + [over+under] Feel The Sun + June 21 11:00am Existing Classroom Solar Gain Area “East Elevation” Ecology Stepping March 20 11:00am Stone Corridors “Most +people spend moretime and PR IN C IPA l S lOD GIN GS [Over + Under Through] Restored reaching to adjacent sites th e pri n c i p a l s L o d g i n g s i s a f i n e b u i l d i n g s e t a s i d e f ro m t h e ma i n June 21 8:00am Creek Mouth q u a d a n d f a c e s t h e Fe l l o w s g a rd e n . An e l e g a n t e s s a y i n t h e energy cores are es-around problems than in Two habitat going n e o -g o t h i c w i t h i t s g ro u p e d c h i mn e y s , p a ra p e t w a l l s a n d l a n c e t March 20 8:00am w i n d o w s , t h e b u i l d i n g s f a c a d e i s s i mp l i f i e d g o i n g u p , t h ro u g h t h e 8" f l o o rs a l l o w i n g c l e a re r l e g i b i l i t y o f t h e p ro p o rt i o n a n d ma s s i n g . tryingon (rehabilitated them.” tablished site, one to to solve Riparian Core th e b u i l d i n g i s c o mp a ra b l e i n s c a l e a n d s e t t i n g t o t h e C h a mp n e y s , Canopy Patch c o mp l e t e d t w o y e a rs p re v i o u s , tu t o r s h o u s e a t N e w C o l l e g e , O x f o rd . cONteXt the north 2 Flyways Kellog CreekHenryand - mouth) Ford th e As h l a r s t o n e i s l i s t e d a s b e i n g Mi l t o n , a s e d i me n t a ry l i me s t o n e , a n d i s c re a m t o l i g h t o ra n g e / y e l l o w i n c o l o u r. Existing Glass Block one to the south (seasonal Mi l t o n St o n e , d e s p i t e o ri g i n a t i n g f ro m t h e s a me g e o l o g i c a l b e d a s ta y n t o n St o n e , i s f a r i n f e ri o r i n q u a l i t y. Ea rl y u s e s o f Mi l t o n St o n e Existing Windows 4-01 " wetland). A habitat cor- Vernal Pools 4 w e re i n 1 4 7 8 -8 3 i n St G e o rg e s C h a p e l , w i n d s o r, a n d a t C h ri s t C h u rc h C o l l e g e , O x f o rd , i n 1 5 2 5 , t h o u g h b e t w e e n 1 5 2 5 a n d 1 8 5 0 t h e re i s n o me n t i o n o f Mi l t o n St o n e i n t h e O x f o rd re c o rd s . I ridor splits the center of F ig 7. S outh E levation. Not to S cale. the site while order to create aLodge n another cor- Willow successful March 20 11:00am Mi l t o n s u d d e n l y b e c a me p o p u l a r a f t e r t h i s d a t e i n O x f o rd , t h o u g h Seasonal Wetland 7-05" i t s u s e d u ri n g t h e l a t e r s t a g e s o f t h e G o t h i c re v i v a l h a s c o me u n d e r ridor is created along the one must complete solution 8 c ri t i c i s m a s ma n y o f t h e b u i l d i n g s w e re f o u n d t o b e b a d l y e ro d e d June 21 8:00am a f t e r o n l y f i f t y y e a rs . I n d e e d , i t h a s s u g g e s t e d t h a t Mi l t o n St o n e ma y h a v e b e e n d i s h o n e s t l y p a s s e d o ff a s ta y n t o n St o n e i n s o me c a s e s . repaired riparian edge. Log Jam for 4" a thorough investigation of the for im- salmon Habitat Re-graded land Riparian Core Ba s i l C h a mp n e y a l s o u s e d Mi l t o n s t o n e f o r t h e I n d i a n I n s t i t u t e . N o w t h e h o me o f t h e Mo d e rn h i s t o ry Fa c u l t y, t h e I n d i a n I n s t i t u t e w a s proved riparian habitat March 20 8:00am c o mp l e t e d i n 1 8 9 5 . k e l l y s D i re c t o ry o f 1 9 0 0 mi s t a k e n l y s t a t e s t h a t problem at hand. Once the given 2-83" 8 t h e b u i l d i n g i s o f ta y n t o n St o n e . N o t e b e l o w t h e e x c e rp t f ro m J a c k s o n s O x f o rd J o u rn a l 1 8 8 7 re p o rt i n g Sun + Views is fully understood the problem t h e ma t e ri a l s o f t h e n e w b u i l d i n g s a t Ma n s f i e l d t o b e ma d e o f ta y n t o n s t o n e . Summer uncovered information will be- The units utilize energy from the sun the the come while basis for a design solu- Winter 2-73 " 4 tion. water at a experience in a very I have shade cast from the units keeps storm safewide range of analytic investiga- temperature. Ad- F i g 6 . vi e w o f pr i n c i p a l s L o d g i n g s f r o m s t a i r o f a d j a c e n t G a r d e n B u i l d i n g . G r a v e l r e p l a c e d w i t h g r a s s i n p r o p o s a l . F ig 8. S ection. Not to S cale. F ig 9. E xtract from Jacksons Oxford Journal 15th October 1887 tions including; technical, histor- Evolution of Building Massing to Support People and Ecology ditionally the raised units Downtown Milwaukie The frame a series of views McLoughlin Blvd 6.0 toward theeconomic, ecological, spatial ic, river. Waterfront Comm 10" Fellows Garden Accommodation Block mansfield college Oxford rick mather architects 27 (digital and Park physical), climate, ercial Fo Residen tial Fouc cus Everyone Existing Classroom Conditions Technical:thePortion of ofathe building wings the classrooms Edges Research: Ecological Interactionof an RMA us Because of the North - Sun Feels South orientation are and business development. Existing Neighborhood solar study by ING hit Everyone Sees with direct east and west sunlight. In addition the current 2’ over- extremely hard Portion Green Corridors + Filter Perforated hang provide no shade in the class rooms during heating days (the 10’ office overhang Willamette River Design for Oakland High School. Repair the Riperian the cient on the other hand). As is, the class rooms allow the maximum amount of + Edge River is suffi Glorified storm Water + See The Water project report based in Oxford, UK. [over+under] thermal gain during current heating days producing an extremely high cooling load. Sun + Green Slivers Feel The With only three operable windows the class rooms currently lack the ability to naturally ventilate at a satisfactory level. Community + The goal of the project is to reduce the amount of solar gain from the window in Ecology Stepping Stone Corridors Train To Work fills while also increasing the amount of operable windows for passive ventilation. Restored Transportation Pedestrian Bridge [Over + Under + Through] Creek Mouth reaching to adjacent sites Two habitat cores are es- Alternate transportation A Safer Road tablished on site, one to Riparian Core is encouraged by provid- Canopy Patch the north (rehabilitated ing abundant opportunities Flyways Parking Forest Kellog Creek mouth) and for safe pedestrian move- Existing Salmon return one to the south (seasonal ment as well as a distinct Railway Vernal Pools to Spawning wetland). A habitat cor- connection (pedestrian Grounds ridor splits the center of Bridge) to the new light Stroll To Willow Lodge the site while another cor- Seasonal Wetland rail station in downtown the River ridor is created along the Milwaukie. Log Jam for The Human Log Jam Willamette Bike In the Park repaired riparian edge. salmon Habitat Re-graded land for im- Riparian Core Habitat Below, Social Interaction above Ecological Interstate proved riparian habitatto SupportWater and the Milwaukie is Ecology People Downtown Water collected Community Drainage Sun + Views Summer Connective McLoughlin Blvd Tissue off McLoughlin route creates future habitat corridors The units utilize energy Storm water is collect- from the sun while the Winter Waterfront Comm shade cast from the units Park on site dent from Focus ed Resi and ercial the ial Fouc surrounding community in us keeps storm water at a Perforated Edges Ecological Interaction a central water featureSee The Water + Existing safe temperature. Ad-Water + [over+under] Filter Perforated Edges Neighborhood Green Corridors + Living ditionally the raised units Ecological Interaction which is used to gener-Feel The Sun + Glorified storm Water + See The Water + [over+under] Repair the Riperian Edge Machine Willamette River ate power through a mi- Green Slivers frame a series of views + Feel The Sun Ecology cro hydro system before Stepping Stone Corridors toward the river. Programmatic: it[Over + Under + Through] by a is naturally filtered seasonal wetland. Education + Creek Interaction Mouth Water Brings Life Diagram series depicting pragmatictosite information Restored to the Stairs Storm Water = Energy reaching adjacent sites & design moves on a large mixed-use development project. Feels the Sun Everyone Reconstructed Seasonal Everyone Sees Two habitat cores are es- tablished on site, one to SocialCore Pockets Riparian work together for big results Wetland Filters & the River small pieces Canopy Patch Aquifer Replenishes the north (rehabilitated