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Valgma cv academic_search

  1. 1. Sign in Advanced Search Co-authors (36) Embed Academic Authors Ingo Valgma Veiko Karu Ingo Valgma Enno Reinsalu Tallin Technological University Sergei Sabanov Publications: 32 | Citations: 12 Katrin Erg Subscribe Fields: Medicine, Economics & Business Collaborated with 36 co-authors from 1998 to 2013 | Cited by 19 authors Karin Robam Edit Journals (1) Oil Shale Keywords (28) Analysis and Modelling Sort by: Publications (32) Computer Modelling Digital Technologies for Decreasing Mining Losses Mapping Electricity Ingo Valgma, Vivika Väizene, Margit Kolats, Martin Saarnak Generation Environmental Year Published in 2013. Conditions Environmental Impact Assessment HIGH SELECTIVE OIL SHALE MINING Environmental Impact VIVIKA VÄIZENE, INGO VALGMA, MARTIN NURME, VEIKO KARU Environmental Taxes Extraction Published in 2013. Method Geographic Information System Ground Water Groundw ater Modeling Power Plant Quality Control Water Balance Influence of water discharging on water balance and quality in the Toolse River in UBJA oil shale mining region K. Robam, I. Valgma Published in 2011. Share this on
  2. 2. QUALITY CONTROL OF OIL SHALE PRODUCTION IN ESTONIAN MINES; pp. 239--249 I. VALGMA, E. REINSALU, S. SABANOV, V. KARU Published in 2010. Quality control of oil shale production in estonian mines I. Valgma, E. Reinsalu, S. Sabanov Published in 2010. Citations (12 times by 10 publications) Sort by: Year Assessment of abandoned agricultural land resource for bio-energy production in Estonia (Citations: 1) Liia Kukk, Alar Astover, Peeter Muiste, Merrit Noormets, Hugo Roostalu, Kalev Sepp, Elsa Suuster Journal: Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section B-soil and Plant Science - ACTA AGR SCAND SECT B-SOIL PL, vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 166-173, 2010 Environmental problems in the Estonian oil shale industry (Citations: 2) Anto Raukas, Jaan-Mati Punning Journal: Energy & Environmental Science - ENERGY ENVIRON SCI, vol. 2, no. 7, 2009 USAGE OF ESTONIAN OIL SHALE (Citations: 2) E. VÄLI, I. VALGMA, E. REINSALU Journal: Oil Shale, vol. 25, no. 2s, 2008 Economic Model of Oil Shale Flows and Cost TAUNO TAMMEOJA Published in 2008. Oil shale resources for oil production (Citations: 2) E. Reinsalu
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