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Ingo valgma ref seek


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Ingo Valgma publications, CV

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Ingo valgma ref seek

  1. 1. directory search Web | Documents ingo valgma About 2,160 results (0.05 seconds) Ingo Valgma | Tallinn University of Technology - Curriculum Vitae - Ingo Valgmamore. by Ingo .... Valgma Infiltration dam groundwater regimemore ... Pastarus Sostra Valgma jt Oil 2013 2S 326 335more. ttu- g o V alg m a Curriculum Vitae - Ingo Valgma | Ingo Valgma - 01/2002, Degree: PhD, Supervisor: Enno Reinsalu Ingo Valgma: Põlevkivikarjääri katendi tehnoloogilise piirpaksuse hindamine draglainide kasutamisel . w w w .ac r ic ulum_V itae_- _In g o _V alg m a Newsletter 2 File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat From behind, left: Roswitha Melzer, Ingo Valgma, Hanne Randle, Alfred Nobel ( actor Peter Sund),. Sigmund Sofienlund, Hans Grönlund, Ken Cross, José Gois, ... w w w .euex c er t.or g/pdf /EUEx Net/EUEx Net_New s letter 2.pdf Usage of Estonian oil shale | Ingo Valgma - Abstract: Estonian oil shale has been used for 90 years mainly for electricity and oil generation with the ash being used for cement and light brick production. w w w .ac age_of _Es tonian_oil_s hale 05_Backfilling technologies for Estonian oil shale mines.pdf File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat Dec 7, 2013 ... Backfilling technologies for. Estonian oil shale mines. Ingo Valgma. Tallinn University of Technology. Department of Mining ... w w w .s dimi.or g/.../05_ Bac kf illing% 20tec hnologies % 20f or % 20Es tonian% 20oil% 20s hale% ... 58917649-Oil-Shale-mining-related-research-in-Estonia | Ingo ... Ingo VALGMA Head of Department of Mining of Tallinn University of Technology, Head of Estonian Mining Society, President of the Society of Mining Professors ...
  2. 2. w w w .ac Oil- Shale- mining- r elated- r es ear c h- in- Es tonia 05_Possibilities for mitigating negative effects of noise and dust ... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat negative effects of noise and dust caused by extraction of sand, gravel and peat. Ingo Valgma, Department of Mining, Tallinn University of. Technology, Estonia. w w w .s dimi.or g/.../05_ Pos s ibilities % 20f or % 20mitigating% 20negativ e% 20ef f ec ts % 20of % 2... Oil shale reserves in Estonia | Ingo Valgma - Kuressaare, Estonia Oil shale reserves in Estonia Tauno Tammeoja, Margus Loko, Ingo Valgma, Veiko Karu, Tarmo Tohver Department of Mining, Tallinn ... w w w .ac hale_r es er v es _in_Es tonia Shinjini Singh | University of Cambridge - Follow Ingo. Please <a href="">log in</a> or <a href="">sign up</a> to follow Ingo. Ingo Valgma ... c ambr er s Phillip Mogodi | University of the Witwatersrand - Follow Ingo. Please <a href="">log in</a> or <a href="">sign up</a> to follow Ingo. Ingo Valgma ... w its .ac er s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 pow ered by Try this search on:, Bing, Google, or Yahoo Search: ingo valgma About Help Terms © 2013 9 10