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Creativity & innovation


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Creativity & innovation

  1. Play ssǝɔoɹd ǝɥʇ ǝƃuǝllɐɥɔ &WE NEED to
  2. Play &ssǝɔoɹd ǝɥʇ ǝƃuǝllɐɥɔEverything is a remix:CREATIVITY & INNOVATION
  3. What is Innovation?It’s about looking at your customers& seeing things from their viewpoint.Not your own.Innovation is a business affair.It is about creating value bychallenging the culture and”how we do things around here”.
  4. What is Creativity?Creativity implies creating new stuff bycombining two or more existing ideas.
  5. CREATIVITYCreativity is a generic term. Itis abstract and has noreference to quality in regards Telling someone that we are going to have a creativeto a specific situation or task process implies nothing more than: ”We are going to spend some time coming up with something new”Creativity is not a goal in But, it should be:itself, it´s the character of anactivity; it implies nothing ”We are going to come up with some shit thatmore than an exploration really works.”with the intention of creatingsomething new with somekind of value. Creativity is not a talent. Creativity is a drive IMAGE BY MISTERBISSON ON FLICKR.COM
  6. Being UNIQUE has novalue in itself, unless itgives the customersomething of value.
  7. IMAGE BY SYNTECHIC FUTURE ON FLICKR.COMxttwo proble ms:since all companys benchmark each other itis all about the hammer andif you think your only tool is a hammer, everyproblem starts looking like a nail
  8. PlayCreativity & Innovation & ”Please clap, and create the sound of thunder... ”...the interesting thing here though is that I asked a group of kids exactly the same question. Not one of you got of your seat to think, right, how can I clap - maybe I can use other parts of my body to create extra a single one of you thought about clapping in a slightly different way sounds. Not other than sitting in your seats there and using two hands”. -Evelyn Glennie
  9. Why didnt I thinkof that? We hear this all too often. For innovation to happen, for ideas to come to life, there HelloI thought of that needs to be a dramatic shift in our mind set.years ago, we just So, why is it so hard??didnt have themoney/ the timingwasnt right!
  10. If you do not manage culture -the culture manages you... ent! ifferDont let your environment Our mental maps narrows us!! to be ddefine your strategy... hard It´sCreate a strategy that definesyour environment!
  11. We Need to Re-Think howwe run our companies & organisations.
  12. copy transform combine Innovation & Creativity 1% Idea > 99% Execution. It is about ACTION. Creating what you can not see.It is about CONNECTION. Connecting people and ideas It is about DEVIATION. Forging new combinations.
  13. 8 Lessons aboutinnovation worth sharing.
  14. 1 Innovation starts at the top. Leaders need to create the vision and live the values.
  15. Just a warning...
  16. 2 R&D? Innovation can happen anywhere.anyone can do it, but not everyone is good at it.
  17. 3 Innovation is a Team SportOperating inside silo’s is deadly. Collaborate.
  18. 4 Innovation is never easy. But it is always possible. Step by step. Project by Project Small ideas need room and time to grow We need to see that we make progress
  19. 5 Listen to ideasInnovation Reward Braveryrelies on trust. Embrace Risk Learn from Failure
  20. We needa betterrecordingdevice.Today we are getting betterand better at masuring what´seasy to measure - not what´simportant.What you measure gets done,so what do you measure?We need to understand whatreally creates value and then IMAGE BY: MATT BLAZE ON FLICKR.COMmeasure it evidence based.
  21. 6Just becauseit works forGoogle doesnot mean itwill work foryou. Create an innovation culture that fits.
  22. 7The Customer is not alwaysright, but they do sit at theheart of all innovation.
  23. 8 Finally: Speed is Mission Critical Fail Early Fail Fast Fail inexpensively
  24. In the next 30 days, you can change the world by doing just 3 things.
  25. Copy Transform Combine
  26. Play & ʇuıodʍǝıʌ s,ǝs‫ן‬ǝ ǝuoǝɯosɯoɹɟ p‫ן‬ɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ʍǝıʌ ʎ‫ן‬dɯısThanks to: Ben Rennie Helge Tenno Kirby Fergusson