ING Impact, Bay Area, CA - 2011-2012


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ING Impact, Bay Area, CA - 2011-2012

  1. 1. ING Presentations Garner Praise and Reach Tens of Thousands in the Bay Area, CA ING’s impact has continued to grow in academic year 2011-2012. To date, ING has reached an estimated25,410 people, up some twenty percent over our audience for the entire year 2010-2011. Taking intoaccount presentations already confirmed through August 31, 2012, ING’s audience this year will swell to33,053, 72% larger than in 2010-2011: ING Audiences 2010‐2012 Audiences  2010‐11 19 Audiences 2011‐12 to 8/31/12 33 (estimated) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 ThousandsAudience numbers alone, of course, cannot gauge ING’s impact. Previous NetNotes have shown theeffect of ING presentations as measured by audience surveys. This week, we show the evaluations ofpresentations by teachers and other requesters. The graphs below give the results of online surveys towhich 46% of those who requested ING presentations in September 2011 – February 2012 haveresponded: 3031 Tisch Way, Suite 950, San Jose, CA 95128 | 408.296.7312 |
  2. 2. Requesters evaluation of ING  scheduling First time requesting an ING 39% 61% presentationReceived all information needed 97% 3% Yes Received timely response to 100% 0% No request Will likely request an ING 97% 3% presentation again 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Requesters evaluation of ING  content effectiveness 70% 27% Excellent Good 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 3031 Tisch Way, Suite 950, San Jose, CA 95128 | 408.296.7312 |
  3. 3. Requesters evaluation of ING  speakers Speakers ability to connect 70% 25% with audience Speakers delivery skills 61% 25% Excellent Speakers knowledge of subject 81%12% Good matter Speakers effectiveness in 75% 21% conveying content 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%These results constitute a resounding endorsement of the quality of ING’s presentations. Not that we arecontent to rest on our laurels—ING has conducted or is planning to conduct nine speaker training sessionsfor local speakers this year, including several designed to expand the skills and range of veteran speakers.In a world where intercultural contact and interaction grow daily, we can’t afford to stand still.Even these figures don’t tell the whole story. At least equally important is the nature of ING presentationsand their audiences. Here are a few of our most significant this year:  ING speakers have spoken at a number of classes and symposia at the Graduate Theological Union, including two Baptist-Muslim dialogues and a “Day of Learning” sponsored by the Centers for Islamic and Jewish Studies on Hagar in Islamic and Jewish tradition.  ING provided an interfaith panel on different religions’ approach to end-of-life issues for California Pacific Medical Center and Coming Home Hospice in San Francisco.  An ING interfaith panel presented at an afternoon of training for Girl Scout parents and leaders.  ING organized an interfaith panel discussing religion and science for the exhibit Islamic Science Rediscovered at the Tech Museum.  ING speakers reached over a thousand students each at Independence High School in San Jose and Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, presenting to fifty classes in six sessions at the former and participating in a school-wide interfaith service in the latter. (Pictures below.) 3031 Tisch Way, Suite 950, San Jose, CA 95128 | 408.296.7312 |