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Reno molinas calderón


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Reno molinas calderón

  1. 1. CHRISTMAS REINDEER INTRODUCTIONThe figure of this animal is usually forgotten because Noel is the only onethat distribute all the presents that make all childrens of all around theworld smile and the reindeers only carry Noel to their homes. We havemade this project because we want to show you the work that thereindeers do every night , every year, every 25th of December.Also we have made this project to remind people the Christmas, becausethe Christmas is the time to be with the family, to be happy, to remind thebirthday of Jesus.The reindeer represents perfectly the Christmas spirit, a beatiful animalthat help children to be happy. OBJETIVEThe main objetive to create this animal is to remenber what the reindeerdoes every year.The reindeers have to carry Noel and the presents for all the childrens inthe world in only one night,they must be really fast to go to every city,every town, every place where children live. Also they have to be strongbecause Noel is a little bit fat and there are million of presents.They can´t stop to eat, to drink, they can´t stop to rest one minute becausethey don´ have time to distribute all the presents. MATERIALS We used these materials to make the reindeer:
  2. 2. -TINS -PAPERBOARD -BEAKER -PLUGS -FISO -SILICONE -BUTTONS -SMALL BALL -KITCHEN PAPER -GLASS MONEY,TIME AND WORKWe spent 3 hours to made the reindeer, it was difficult because we had tojoin all the cans and to cover them with cupboard.The only money that we spen to make proyect was 2€ to buy thepaperboard, the others materials were taken from the floor or from thehouses because this proyect is also to show the people the importance ofrecycle.When we were working, a problem appeared, the problem was how to jointhe legs to the body, but finally we used silicone. The second problem washow to make the head of the reindeer but we thought a lot and we decidedto make it with cans. DIMENSIONS - HIGH:76cm - LONG:70cm - WIDTH:19cm-PARTS OF THE REINDEER: · body - HIGH 13cm -LONG 35cm
  3. 3. -WIDTH 19cm · legs -HIGH 22cm · head -HIGH 18cm -LONG 27cm -WIDTH 14cm · horns -LONG 40cm · tail -HIGH 10cm RESULTSWhen we finished the reindeer we were really happy because we hadworked hard to make it. We think the project is beautiful and we spent agood time making the reindeer. ANTONIO MOLINA MOLINA RUBÉN MOLINA MOLINA JUAN CALDERÓN GUIJARRO