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Poster científico


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Poster científico

  1. 1. The three Rs picture Pedro Fernández, Rocío Tudela & Ángela Aguilera IES PEDRO JIMÉNEZ MONTOYAIntroduction How we made it! We had to do a project with caps and ringpulls. Methods Toolsso we needed something shoking. We thought in - Firs of all we looked for a cloth to reuse Isome ideas like: bracelets, curtains, lamps, spinning it in our, rings, neckglaces, games for children, - We collected the ringpulls and the capshandbags or bags and dresses…And after days of during three weeks because we neededthinking so much we found it! We decided to do a two hundred ringpulls and fifty caps.picture.We called it, the three Rs’ picture becausewe will represent the recycling symbol. It is not - With all our mean materials we will cuteasy if you are not an artist but we’ll work hard to the cloth with a measures of 30x60create it. centimeters. - After this we drew the symbol withPurpose pencil and then with a permanent marker We want to make aware all the students that - Then we painted all our main materialsrecycle is very important in our lives because in green colour.thanks to this we can reuse things that we didn’t - Some time afterwards we sew theneed anymore and we can obtain new things from ringpulls in the cloth like in relief, itthe other ones. Also is used to think what we can do means that first we sew one ringpull but with something we didn’t need anymore and get it the second one we sew one more and in Conclusionwithout paying. But we can’t forget that first of all - We needed a permanent marker and a We enjoy doing our picture, thanks the third one we swe two more.we have to reduce and then we will reuse and pencil to draw the symbol. to this we realised the importance of - Finally we stuck the caps all around the - A scissors to cut the cloth.recycle less things. That’s why we used use the cloth and around the symbol too. reduce,recycle and reuse. It was too - A A needle andthread to sew. difficult to do it but in two weeks, tworecycling symbol because it remembers you the rule - Paints and brushes to paint. days each week, we finished it. WEof the three Rs : reduce, reuse and recycle. We hope - And glue to stick the caps. hope you like it!you understand this.