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  1. 1. MALAYSIAMalaysia is in Oceania, near Australia. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.
  2. 2. POPULATION Malaysia has got a population of 27 millions ofpeople. Malaysia has two regions divided by the South China Sea.
  3. 3. MOUNTS AND RIVERS The mount Kinabalu is the highest mount of Malaysia with 4095 metres. The river SungeiTembeling is one of the most important rivers in Malaysia.
  4. 4. GOVERNMENTIn Putrajaya is the headquarter of the government of Malaysia. Yang di-Pertuan Agong is the monarch of Malaysia.
  5. 5. TRANSPORTTo go to Malaysia you must take an aeroplane or a ship. Malaysia is surrounded by water.
  6. 6. LANGUAGE The language of Malaysia is the malay. Themalay is spoken in other countries near Malaysia.
  7. 7. FOOD The most important food of Malaysia is forexample: a Satay( broiled meet), Nasi lemak( is the food more important was cook with rice in cream) and Fish asam(is fish cook of asam sauce).
  8. 8. SPORTThe F1 is a sport very important in this country,The Great Champion of Malaysia is one of the best of the F1.
  9. 9. RELIGIONThe religion of Malaysia: - Islam (64%) - Buddhism (17%) - Christyanity (9%) - Hinduism (6%)
  10. 10. MONUMENTSThe most important monuments of Malaysia: Istana negra, the sanctuary hindu and the mosque putra.
  11. 11. AUTHORS:Francisco Javier Moreno Yeste and Francisco Yeste Mateos. 2º ESO A.