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Phonology vs phonetics


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The difference between phonology and phonetics.

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Phonology vs phonetics

  1. 1. PHONOLOGY PHONETICS Is the basis for further work  Is the basis for in morphology, syntax, discourse, and orthography phonological design. analysis. Analyzes the sound patterns of a particular  Analyzes the language by production of all determining which human speech phonetic sounds are significant, and sounds, explaining how these regardless of sounds are interpreted by language. the native speaker.
  2. 2. PHONOLOGY PHONETICS Phonology is the study of  Phonetics is the study of how sounds are organized human speech sounds. and used in natural languages.  phonetics studies which The phonological system sounds are present in a of a language includes language an inventory of sounds and their features, and and pragmatics rules which specify how sounds interact with each other.
  3. 3. PHONOLOGY PHONETICS Phonology studies how  Phonetics simply these sounds combine describes the and how they change articulatory and in combination, as well acoustic properties as which sounds can of phones (speech contrast to produce sounds). differences in meaning (phonology describes the phones as allophones of phonemes).
  4. 4.  Articulatory phonetics The study of how speech sounds are produced by the human vocal apparatus. Acoustic phonetics The study of the sound waves made by the human vocal organs for communication. Auditory phonetics The study of how speech sounds are perceived by the ear, auditory nerve, and brain.