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Apartheid system


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Apartheid system

  1. 1. APARTHEID SYSTEM “ separateness”
  2. 2. Apartheid Laws
  3. 3. Apartheid Laws • Black people and white people were not allowed to mix in public places ,transport ,and even in park benches
  4. 4. Mandela´s earliest life • Nelson Mandela in 1952 at the law office he opened with his colleague, Oliver Tambo. This was the first black legal practice in Johannesburg.
  5. 5. His earliest life• Mandela in1958 during his first treason trial.
  6. 6. Mandela in prision
  7. 7. After his released • South Africas president FW de Klerk poses with Nelson Mandela in Cape Towns government residence on 9 February ,1990, two days before Mandela’s release from jail.
  8. 8. After his released • Nelson Mandela and his wife, walking after his release from the Victor Verster prison on 11 February 1990.
  9. 9. After Apartheid • Nowadays children from different ethnias are free to share schools and universities
  10. 10. In a speech • Mandela makes a speech in honor of South Africas inaugural Freedom Day on April 27, 1995
  11. 11. Mandela now • Mandela with current South African President Jacob Zuma