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From Cybernetics to DevOps and Beyond


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Revisits the history of cybernetics and explores how 2nd-order cybernetics can help DevOps understand itself and its relationship to the larger business organization.

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From Cybernetics to DevOps and Beyond

  1. 1. From Cybernetics to DevOps… and Beyond Jeff Sussna Ingineering.IT @jeffsussna
  2. 2. “We value responding to change over following a plan”
  3. 3. “The 3 Ways of DevOps: Flow, Feedback, Continuous Learning” -Tim Hunter
  4. 4. “Truly compelling definition of cloud agility…business response to changing conditions or opportunity” -Bernard Golden
  5. 5. “…frequent collection of team-wide feedback minimizes time spent heading down the wrong path” -Jeff Gothelf
  6. 6. Cybernetics: from the Greek for steersman
  7. 7. "Cybernetics needs to be applied to itself" -Margaret Mead
  8. 8. For $64,000: What is DevOps?
  9. 9. “The controller is controlled by the controlled.” -Ranulph Glanville
  10. 10. Autopoiesis: self-creation / self-production
  11. 11. Structural coupling: internal organization matches external environment
  12. 12. Coupling implies perturbation, not information
  13. 13. Self-steering: continual internal/external adaptation
  14. 14. The post-industrial economy - Service Infusion Complexity Disruption - demands self-steering
  15. 15. The biology of…
  16. 16. The biology of… empathy
  17. 17. “Success: a useful conversation with one’s environment” -me
  18. 18. Everything we do becomes user-centered design
  19. 19. @jeffsussna
  20. 20. Credits !