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Nosql taxonomy with new nugget


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Nosql taxonomy with new nugget

  1. 1. NoSQL taxonomy, with a new nugget
  2. 2. When SQL was born... image courtesy
  3. 3. image courtesy
  4. 4. Google Facebook
  5. 5. Google Facebook
  6. 6. NoSQL stores •MapReduce batch oriented: Google MapReduce; Cloudera/Hadoop MapReduce •multi-dimensional sorted map: Google BigTable, Hadoop HBase •eventually consistent key-value: Amazon Dynamo, Voldemort, Basho Riak •column oriented, eventually consistent: Apache Cassandra •distributed, consistent key-value: membase
  7. 7. membase Simple Fast Elastic
  8. 8. Simple: key-value
  9. 9. Fast: memcached like speed
  10. 10. elastic: just throw another puppy at it
  11. 11. The project/getting involved • Open Source • Nearly all Apache 2.0 licensed • Some components BSD based, owing to history • Try using it! • RPM for RHEL/CentOS 5.2 and later • .deb for Ubuntu 9.04 • Looking for platform porting • Have some RedHat/CentOS, Ubuntu covered • Could certainly integrate a bit better • Especially needed with moxi
  12. 12.