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President Obama 2nd inaugural - Diari Ara


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Marc Vidal, @diariARA's journalist, invite us to analyze President Barack Obama's 2nd Inaugural speech. Our pleasure, as always! Big hug to the whole ARA team!

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President Obama 2nd inaugural - Diari Ara

  1. 1. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 President  Obama  2nd  inaugural   Diari  ARA     The   57th   presidential   inauguration   celebrated   on   the   Martin   Luther   King   Jr.   Day.   Context   and   expectations   are   different   from   2009,   but   the   speech   -­‐2110   words   and   19   minutes   long-­‐   set   the   tone,   the   values   and   the   axis   of   the   second   presidential   Term.   Obama  only  has  16  months  to  fulfill  the  road  map  before  the  2014  mid-­‐term  elections,   and  he  doesnt  lack  neither  courage  nor  integrity.     The   best   speech   tradition   -­‐chiasmus   included-­‐   made   in   Ted   Sorensen   (JFK   special   adviser,   speechwriter   and   soul)   on   the   stage.   "We   the   People"   is   how   the   U.S.   Constitution  begins  and  that  was  the  red  thread  to  handcraft  the  framework  of  todays   speech:  freedom,  justice,  dignity,  solidarity  and  equality.     Under  the  umbrella  of  the  unity  -­‐"together"  and  "we  are  a  nation"-­‐,  the  President  has   put   soul   into   the   countrys   immediate   challenges   to   the   narrative   of   the   commitments   to   social   coalition   that   gave   him   the   election,   using   rhetorical   journeys   into   the   past   and  into  the  future:  the  basic  needs  of  the  people  must  be  guaranteed  and  the  middle   class   strengthen;   on   Civil   Rights,   "equality   before   the   law   regardless   of   sexual   orientation"   and   that   "people   do   not   have   to   wait   for   hours   to   vote";   immigration   reform,   "our   journey   will   not   be   over   until   we   find   a   better   way   to   welcome   the   immigrants";   important   the   case   of   the   fight   against   climate   change,   "not   to   do   so   would   betray   our   children   and   future   generations"   and   not   explicitly   mention   the   massacre   of   Newtown,   legal   reform   against   the   violence   of   weapons   is   a   priority,   "Our   freedom  is  not  complete  if  our  children  are  not  safe".     Humility   "the   work   will   achieve   will   be   imperfect   and   partial   our   victories."   And   one   final  call  to  continue  the  social  mobilization:  the  Presidents  agenda  is  not  achieved  -­‐ only   just   voting-­‐   it   also   requires   people   raising   their   voices.   In   the   most   emotional   moments  the  president  dramatized  his  voice  and  tone,  the  gestures  were  simple  and   inclusive.         @aleixcuberes  is  a  Communications  Consultant   #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   1   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro