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OSRAM-OS Lightfair Case Study


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A stunning Virtual Tradeshow Experience by Ingenex Digital Marketing for client OSRAM Opto-Semiconductors, makers of LED lights.

Ingenex created a virtual tradeshow experience at

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OSRAM-OS Lightfair Case Study

  2. 2. OSRAM Opto-Semiconductors wanted to make a big impression at LIGHTFAIR 2010, and give their customers & partners something to talk about So they hired Ingenex Digital Marketing to create a Virtual Trade Show Experience The results are illuminating
  3. 3. 160,000 square feet 1,600 booths 498 international manufacturers 22,000 Attendees
  4. 4. 1 Virtual Trade Show Experience
  5. 5. Booth 315
  6. 6.
  7. 7. What happens when you send the social media marketing team from Ingenex Digital Marketing to a trade show... create content, capture testimonials, and produce film & video of your event, then publish on your exclusive virtual trade show web site?
  8. 8. Useful and Informative Content [May 3 - May 21] 45 Total Content Posts 17 Videos 52 Photos Produced Published
  9. 9. Traffic, Links, & Interaction on Web Site [May 3 - May 21] 23,532 Pageviews 4,088 Visitors Page 1 on Google for “LIGHTFAIR” 101 Outgoing Clicks to Partners
  10. 10. Extreme Media Consumption [May 3 - May 21] 6,495 Video Views 786 Photo Views 2,772 Embedded Video Views
  11. 11. Online Buzz Increase [May 3 - May 21] 72 Subscribers Newsletter 50+ New Links into LED site Added 958 Facebook 30 New Fans on Facebook Pageviews 200+ Online Mentions
  12. 12. Google Ranking & SEO Boost [May 3 - May 21] #1 Google Result for: osram lightfair lightfair virtual trade show osram virtual trade show 2010 virtual lightfair osram-os lightfair osram trade show osram videos osram-os trade show osram-os virtual trade show osram-os video 2010 virtual trade show
  13. 13. The Virtual Trade Show Experience for OSRAM Opto- Semiconductors was an overwhelming success Our content was covered by industry giants including WIRED and LEDs Magazine OSRAM Opto-Semiconductors plans to continue the success and provide engaging content at the LED Light Site - Join us!