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@LisaAtLightFair: Social Media Marketing Case Study


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Ingenex Digital Marketing increased OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, a producer of eco-friendly LED lights, presence at the 2012 LIGHTFAIR International trade show using an engaging, visually appealing character, @LisaAtLightfair, which trade show attendees could interact with at LIGHTFAIR and online.

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@LisaAtLightFair: Social Media Marketing Case Study

  1. 1. LIGHTFAIR International 2012 @LisaAtLightfair
  2. 2. LIGHTFAIR 2012 is one of thelighting industry’s most importantannual trade shows, and OSRAMOpto Semiconductors wanted toengage their customers andcreate buzz around theirproducts. Ingenex DigitalMarketing embarked on a Twittercampaign designed to accomplishthis through the creation of apersonable character, Lisa AtLightfair, who encouraged andmotivated traffic to the OSRAMbooth in anticipation ofcontortionist performancespromoting OSLON Square.
  3. 3. 4 Videos275 Tweets90 Flickr Photos1 Storify1 Press Release
  4. 4. Video Views 535 @LisaAtLightfair 139 LIGHTFAIR 2012 435 OSRAM Booth Tour326 LIGHTFAIR 2012 Preview
  5. 5. Twitter Statistics 56 Mentions 32 @Replies 22 Retweets12 Retweets from Newsworthy Users
  6. 6. Lisa At Lightfair got retweets from:• Lira Luis, the LIGHTFAIR Symposia speaker• LED Light and Power• Architect Magazine• Fremont Street, the Las Vegas Landmark• Rick Regan, a CREE salesman who initiated a Twitter contest, which @LisaAtLightfair won
  7. 7. 132 Storify Views1, 433 ViewsA press release about Lisa At Lightfair’scontortionist act was posted on prominantwebsites such as CBS Money Watch, HoustonChronicle,, Travel Weekly andInternational Business Times.
  8. 8. Ingenex Achieved:•A a high level of engagement with Twitter users atLIGHTFAIR•Successful distribution of videos produced for@LisaAtLightfair•Great traffic to the @LisaAtLightfair Storify page•Phenomenal syndication of the @LisaAtLightfair pressrelease and exposure in many national publications
  9. 9. By creating an engaging character for web audiences tointeract with, Ingenex was able to boost the profile ofOSRAM Opto Semiconductor’s presentation at the 2012LIGHTFAIR International and encourage positiveconversation with LIGHTFAIR attendees.Visit OSRAM Opto Semiconductors: