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How to Create and Optimize LinkedIn Company Pages


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When set-up strategically LinkedIn Company Pages can improve social media marketing, SEO, connect brands with interested customers and establish a company as an industry leader. Company Pages connect millions of LinkedIn users with the latest news, services & products and business opportunities.

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How to Create and Optimize LinkedIn Company Pages

  2. 2. MARKETING BENEFITS OF LINKEDIN Connecting with SEO Customers Sharing News and Establishing Your Social Media Services with Business as an Marketing Customers Industry Leader See what else LinkedIn Company pages can do for you.
  3. 3. COMPANY PAGE SETUP1. Go to LinkedIn and “Add a Company.”2. Enter your name and company email to get started.3. LinkedIn will send you a confirmation request via email.4. After confirming it is time to bring your company’s profile to life.See LinkedIn Company Page Requirements.
  4. 4. COMPANY PAGE SETUP1. To edit and view your company page hover cursor over “Company” tab and select your company.2. To begin modifying the “Overview” page click the “Edit” button.3. Add company description, specialties and other required information.4. Add a cover photo (640x220 pixels .PNG .JPEG .GIF).5. Add a standard company logo (100x80 pixels .PNG .JPG .GIF).6. Add a square logo: square logo used in network updates (100x80 pixels .PNG .JPG .GIF).7. Click “Publish” on top right of the page and your content will appear.
  5. 5. PRODUCTS & SERVICES SETUP1. Under the Products & Services tab click on “Edit” from your admin tools button. A. You will see a “Default” view.2. Add an overview of your product or service portfolio.3. Add up to 3 banner images to reinforce your message, specialties, products & services (640 x 220 pixels).
  6. 6. PRODUCTS & SERVICES SETUP4. Link each image to the relevant page on your website.5. Click “Publish” on the top right of the page and your content will appear on the page.
  7. 7. ADD PRODUCTS & SERVICESBring your products & services page to life. Upload photos, videos and your company URLto maximize SEO. 1. Under the “Edit” dropdown menu select “Add product or service.” 2. Under “Step 1” select product or service. 3. Select a category. 4. Add the name of the product or service. 5. Attach an image (100 x 80 pixels .PNG .JPG .GIF). 6. Add a description (up to 2,000 characters). 7. Create bulleted list of key features of your product or service. 8. Add a URL for this product or service. 9. Click “Publish” on the top right of the page.Note: You will need to repeat these steps for each product or service that you want todisplay.
  8. 8. OPTIMIZE PRODUCTS & SERVICES If you’ve mastered editing the products and services page try taking your company’s LinkedIn page to the next level.• Add a contact from you company, this will help connect interested viewers with the right person for sales and information. 1. To add, company LinkedIn admin must connect to company contact member on LinkedIn. 2. Select the product or service you would like to optimize and select “Edit” to view product detail in edit mode. 3. Add contact by typing person’s name in box and select the company contact name from dropdown menu.• Add a YouTube video for product or service. 1. Create Title. 2. Add URL. 3. Don’t forget to click publish! Nice job! Now rinse and repeat process for other products or services.
  9. 9. PRODUCT PROMOTION Use “Promoted Products” once you’ve added all products and services to your Company LinkedIn Page. 1. Return to the edit mode and select the “Products and Services” tab. 2. Under Step 4 select the product from the dropdown menu you would like to promote on your company’s main profile page. 3. If applicable, add a promotion for the product or service (appears below your YouTube video).This guide provides the basic knowledge to help you start creating your LinkedIn Company Page.LinkedIn provides company’s with many other tools to increase brand recognition and reach. Tolearn more about these visit our LinkedIn Company Page!
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