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13. dunning europeana newspapers-kb big data workshop


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KB symposium historische kranten als big data,
Den Haag, 24 maart 2015

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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13. dunning europeana newspapers-kb big data workshop

  1. 1. Europeana Newspapers 24 March 2015 – Den Haag– Morning Edition Published by Alastair Dunning, @alastairdunning, KB Big Data workshop, Slides
  2. 2. On 15th April 1912 April 1912, the passenger ship Titanic, carrying over 2,000 passengers and crew, crashed into an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York
  3. 3. Responses to the Titanic Disaster
  4. 4. Responses to the Titanic Disaster dd%3A110546692%3Ampeg21%3Aa0026&page=2&maxperpage=10&sortfield=date
  5. 5. Responses to the Titanic Disaster
  6. 6. Responses to the Titanic Disaster
  7. 7. Responses to the Titanic Disaster
  8. 8. News travels at different speeds, with importance that diminishes at different rates. This is true now as is was in 1912. (though the web changes things …)
  9. 9. The Europeana Newspapers project is making this kind of investigation easier
  10. 10. A cross-searchable newspapers interface at However, this is only a traditional search and browse interface (keyword, date, title, issue etc)
  11. 11. 3,463 titles represented 3,572,194 issues (ie metadata records) 11,202,411 full text pages and images 30+ languages
  12. 12. Full text pages (with images) by source library, March 2014
  13. 13. We are exploring how to make the (public domain) parts of this full text and images available for re- use via API and download
  14. 14. We are also looking for researchers (ie you !) to work with parts of this dataset
  15. 15. With funding from another project (Europeana Cloud), we can explore research questions using the data Development / computer interaction team at KU Leuven (Erik Duval) with help from DANS (Kees Waterman)
  16. 16. We will work with a selection of research teams to explore innovative uses of the data in 2015 If you are interested, fill in five minute form by 27 March! Alastair Dunning; @alastairdunning,