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♥ Personal Affordable Hair Stylist ♥ I come to you I am a certified Licensed Hair stylist
**I Deliver Movie Star Looking Hair****
I am Jamaican and I specialize in Mixed and Black Hair..
Also in Growing Hair and Keeping it Healthy and beautiful.

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  • Wonderful presentation of very beautiful photos. Congratulations and thanks. AdamPascal
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  • Hi Inga,

    My name is Amanda my husband and I own a company called Pulse Creative Partners. We have started a website called it is a social networking tool that allows stylists like you to have a personal website, connect with other stylists, showcase your gallery and learn about new info in the trade as well as jobs. We have just launched so are looking for people to partner with us to grow this. We are offering a commission for people who want to help us, the fee is $5 a month for people who want to join. Also the first 100 people that join get a free ipod!

    If you have any questions feel free to call me at

    Look forward to hearing from you!
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Hair Stylist Portfolio

  1. 1. Hair Design Portfolio Inga’s
  2. 2. Before & After Extensions
  3. 3. After Extensions
  4. 4. Before & After Extensions
  5. 5. Before & After Extensions
  6. 6. Before & After Extensions
  7. 7. Before & After Extensions
  8. 8. Before & After Extensions
  9. 9. After Extensions
  10. 10. After Extensions
  11. 11. Hair Color & Extensions
  12. 12. Gorgeous Red Lights
  13. 13. Before & After Relaxer
  14. 14. Before & After Relaxer
  15. 15. Styled After Relaxer
  16. 16. Before & After Relaxer
  17. 17. Before & After Color
  18. 18. Color
  19. 19. Color and Curls
  20. 20. After Hair Repair Treatment
  21. 21. Girls Curls
  22. 22. After Relaxer
  23. 23. Bob Cut
  24. 24. Highlights and Gray Coverage Color
  25. 25. Highlights