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Unleash the Power of List Building by Supercharging Your Facebook Ads


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Custom audiences let marketers find their offline audiences among Facebook users. Using email addresses, phone numbers or Facebook user IDs to make the match, you can now find the exact people you want to talk to. In this session you'll learn how to create a custom audience representing any group of customers or prospect list that you'd like to reach with targeted Facebook Ads.

Presented by: Amy Porterfield, Social Media Strategist and Co-Author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies

Published in: Education
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Unleash the Power of List Building by Supercharging Your Facebook Ads

  1. 1. Unleash the Power of List Building bySupercharging Your Facebook Ads Amy Porterfield Facebook Marketing Trainer @amyporterfield
  2. 2. Here’s What You’ll Learn• Step-by-Step Details of the “Facebook Ad List Building & Profit Formula” – How to use webinars, video, opt-in pages, and ads to create the perfect funnel• Best Practices for the Most Effective Ad Types: – Promoted Posts – Page Post Ads – Facebook Offers• The Power of the Power Editor – News Feed Only Ads – Custom Audiences – Targeting
  3. 3. The Step-by-Step Facebook Ad List Building & Profit Formula
  4. 4. The Results: My Own Program• Helped build my list to over 50,000 in a year• Attracted 12,000 webinar enrollments between 3 live webinars over 3 days• Produced $50,000 in sales with zero affiliate support• Continues to attract 20 new leads a day with a $5 ad budget per pay
  5. 5. The Results: Affiliate Promotion• Created massive buzz in a sea of BIG competition (going the extra mile)• Produced $434,000 in revenue over 2 weeks• $146,000 of those sales were BRAND NEW to my list –via my Facebook Ad List Building Formula
  6. 6. Step 1: The 2-Minute Teaser Video
  7. 7. Step 1: The 2-Minute Teaser Video #1: Hi, Hey, Hello: Tell them who you are and in one sentence, what the video is about #2: What’s Cookin’: Give them the WHY #3: What’s in it for them?: 3-5 specific details #4: End with “What’s Next”: Give a direct call to action
  8. 8. Step 2: The Video Opt-In Page
  9. 9. Step 3: The Video Ad Strategy
  10. 10. Step 3: The Video Ad Strategy• Upload your video TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE• Include a headline for your video• Write a short, to the point status update• Include a link to your opt-in page
  11. 11. Keep It Real-Time
  12. 12. Keep It Real-Time
  13. 13. Step 4: The Webinar (or other platform!)
  14. 14. The Formula Wrap Up• 2-minute video• Video opt-in page• Upload video to Facebook with a short, direct CTA• Turn your video into a Page Post Ad• Target your existing fans and non-fans• ALWAYS use “Precise Interests” for targeting
  15. 15. Promoted Posts
  16. 16. Promoted Posts
  17. 17. Promoted Posts
  18. 18. Page Post Ads
  19. 19. Page Post Ads
  20. 20. Page Post Best Practices
  21. 21. Facebook Offers
  22. 22. List Building with Facebook Offers
  23. 23. 600+ Leads, $40 Bucks!
  24. 24. List Building with Facebook Offers
  25. 25. PowerEditor
  26. 26. Power Editor: News Feed Only Ads 0.04% 2.0-4.0%
  27. 27. Facebook CustomAudiences
  28. 28. Power Editor: Custom Audiences
  29. 29. Custom Audiences Best Uses • Segmentation and Personalization • The more actionable data you collect via Infusionsoft, the more specific you can get in your ads. • Examples: Specific product, challenges, locations • You can also use this feature to SUPPRESS an audience.
  30. 30. Facebook’sConversion Tool
  31. 31. The Facebook Conversion Tool
  32. 32. Facebook Ad Targeting
  33. 33. The #1 Most Important Feature• Target multiple Fan Pages with “Precise Interests”• InfusionSoft may target “Mailchimp” “aWebercom” and “Office Autopilot”• Target at least 250K per ad campaign
  34. 34. Take The Facebook AdChallenge• Test out the “Facebook Ad List Building Formula”• Set up a lead generating Facebook Offer• Dive into the Power Editor to create “News Feed Only Ads”• Upload Your List and target Facebook users with specialized ads
  35. 35.