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Julie Goldman - The Original Runner


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Success Stories Track - ICON14

Published in: Business, Technology
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Julie Goldman - The Original Runner

  1. 1. Conquer the Long Sales Cycle Presented by Julie Goldman Founder & CEO, The Original Runner Company @weddingrunners @originalrunners TheOriginal Runner Company
  2. 2. What We Do
  3. 3. Bachelor’s TV Wedding 2014 Kim Kardashian’s TV Wedding but 60-Day Marriage What We Are Known For Lately…
  4. 4. What Is a Long Sales Cycle? • How long is your sales cycle from first contact? • More expensive items = longer sales cycle • Was being on Shark Tank effective? • Messages to prospective clients - informative and detail driven • Collecting data on prospective clients is key • Know the kind of data you need gather
  5. 5. Web Forms Integrated into InfusionSoft Start the Long Sales Cycle ~ How We Collect Data ~
  6. 6. The Money is in the Follow-up! •Do you actively follow-up with every lead? •How many times do you contact a prospective client to gauge interest? •Set up a series of smaller wins to keep them interested. Samples /photos/ information •How do you follow-up? Email, phone, mail? •Do you schedule your follow-ups months in advance in your long sales cycle? • What is your conversion rate for follow-ups?
  7. 7. How The Outlook Integration Makes My Job Easier
  8. 8. Why Marketing Automation & Following -Up are Critical to the Long Sales Cycle •How many new leads to you get daily? Weekly? •Are you able to nurture these leads & still follow-up with the last months’s inquiries? •Marketing automation the key to sales growth & success for small businesses. • Using Follow-up Sequences/Campaigns to make this a money- making process. •How many campaigns are you running right now & what are they? •What kind of tasks support these Follow-up Sequences/Campaigns that you can create today?
  9. 9. Questions? Presented by Julie Goldman Founder & CEO, The Original Runner Company @weddingrunners @originalrunners