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Application Mobility - Lightning Talk


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Application Mobility - Lightning Talk

  1. 1. Application Mobility Infrastructure 2.0 Workshop #3 Duncan Johnston-Watt
  2. 2. Definition • The ability to change some or all of the infrastructure that an application is using, dynamically and without any disruption of service to end users
  3. 3. Detail • Optimize the location of an application or its components based on policy e.g. • Performance (follow the sun) • Cost (follow the moon) • Compliance (follow the data)
  4. 4. [Cloudy] Benefits • Enterprises reap the benefit of on-demand, highly elastic, pay-per-use economic model and concomitant Green IT credentials • Customers benefit from improved QoS backed by SLAs
  5. 5. Legacy • Orchestrating existing components • Containerizing applications • Cloudbursting • Cloud Cover
  6. 6. Green Field • Move up the stack • Bake application mobility into the platform • Make this a middleware problem • Take the developer out of the equation